Stacy Ritter Wants Coral Springs To Elect Fancy Pants Eye Doctor?

It seems Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) continues to meddle in other Broward County races. A direct mail piece from Coral Springs Commission candidate Mark Gendal (D-Dandy) features a big picture of Ritter and Mayor Roy Gold (D-if I only had a spine). Ritter says Gendal is the “clear choice” who “walks his talk” while bringing […]

Broward Commish Stacy Ritter Wants A Sit-Down With RED BROWARD

Broward (Democrat) County Commissioner Stacy Ritter wants a face to face sit-down with RED BROWARD. We told Ms. Ritter to pick a time and place and we will be there. But we’re hoping it’s not Louis’ in the Bronx; Although we hear they have the best veal in the city. What do you want to […]