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Five Good Reasons To Vote Against Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

Charlie Crist and Stacy Ritter

Stacy Ritter and Jim Belushi

Stacy Ritter and Senator Harry Reid

Dan Rather and Stacy Ritter

President Obama and Stacy Ritter

Anyone know if Stacy Ritter is still the Broward County Chairperson for Barack Obama’s Campaign? She was back in 2008. Wonder how the folks in King’s Point feel about Obama these days? Oh never mind, they’ve been telling us.

And yes Broward voters, you will have to either vote FOR Stacy Ritter or vote AGAINST Stacy Ritter.

No more free passes…

Is Broward Democrat Stacy Ritter Getting A Republican Opponent?

Is A Republican ready to tango with Stacy Ritter, Broward Chairperson of Barack Obama Campaign 2008? (BTW she is also a Broward County Commissioner) Maybe the GOPer will challenge her to a golf cart duel? Stay tuned…

Dancing with the Fading Stars?