Did Scott Israel Know About Robocall Smears Before Calls Made?

Robocalls attempting to hurt Sheriff Al Lamberti started going out this week to voters in Broward County. On Sunday in a Twitter conservation, Lamberti’s opponent Scott Israel (D-Republican) made mention of the “South Florida Tea Party” endorsement. How did Scott know? Most Republicans and conservatives in Broward know that “South Florida Tea Party” is a […]

Five Good Reasons To Vote Against Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

Anyone know if Stacy Ritter is still the Broward County Chairperson for Barack Obama’s Campaign? She was back in 2008. Wonder how the folks in King’s Point feel about Obama these days? Oh never mind, they’ve been telling us. And yes Broward voters, you will have to either vote FOR Stacy Ritter or vote AGAINST […]

Who Let Parkland Create Its Own Shadow School Board???

“Does all the money I donate go to Parkland Schools? Yes, your money goes directly into Parkland’s Public Schools.  The Parkland Fund Board of Directors determines how donations are allocated and donors are able to earmark their donation to specific schools or programs in accordance with the Parkland Fund’s mission and vision.  The only portion […]