Robocalls attempting to hurt Sheriff Al Lamberti started going out this week to voters in Broward County. On Sunday in a Twitter conservation, Lamberti’s opponent Scott Israel (D-Republican) made mention of the “South Florida Tea Party” endorsement. How did Scott know?

Most Republicans and conservatives in Broward know that “South Florida Tea Party” is a suspect organization run out of Palm Beach.

Broward political observers are wondering why can’t Scott Israel and his manager Amy Rose play fair? They wonder if someone may use the same “endorsement” for Rose’s School Board client Abby Freedman. Ms. Freedman, the favored choice of Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap), Mickey Udine, Franklin Sands and Judy Stern, has spent a month desperately courting Republicans. They rebuffed her efforts after her associations were made known.