Brand new Miami Herald poll is bad news for Barack Obama and Broward Democrats. Mitt Romney leads Obama 51-44%. “Obama is now winning just one of the state’s five regions, liberal Southeast Florida. But he once led by 21 points here — now it’s down to 12 percentage points.

Old and young voters didn’t move very much. But middle-aged voters — the bulk of the Florida electorate — shifted almost 12 points in Romney’s favor.

Romney even started to gain more support from Hispanic voters, who moved 11 points in Romney’s favor.

The majority of the electorate, non-Hispanic white voters, were always in Romney’s corner. Now they’re even more solidly behind the Republican, backing him 61-34 percent over Obama.”

The poll sampled likely voters across Florida. 44% Democrat, 40% Republican and 16% Independent.

Somewhere Mitch Ceasar(D-Comedian) is weeping.

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