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Only in Broward. ESPN conducted a seven month long investigation into the South Florida Youth Football league uncovering gambling in the stands by parents and others. The report alleges players, ages 5 to 15, were paid for performance; some kids received thousands of dollars after games. Some parents sell their kids to the highest bidding teams.

This is a must-see Outside The Lines report.

Charged With Corruption? No Problem, Broward Dems Will Make You “President Emeritus”

Only in Broward. Marc Sultanoff ,a Democrat poobah at King Point Condos, was charged in the Chaits corruption probe. Did he go into hiding? Exiled to Miami? Excommunicated by Mitch Ceasar and the Broward DEC gang that couldn’t shoot straight? Nope. Bob Norman of The Daily Pulp has the details:

The club dutifully backed criminally charged former Mayor Beth Talabisco and Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad, too. But the club isn’t reforming — it’s digging in its heels. The scary part is that it’s just a symptom of the ethical bankruptcy of the Democratic Party in Broward under lobbyist Mitch Ceasar, who not coincidentally got his political start in Tamarac. 
Inside see which would-be future felon the club recently appointed “President Emeritus.” 

If you guessed that it was Sultanof, you’re right. The club — after he was hit with bribery charges — named him “President Emeritus.” 
Sultanof’s new position, according to a complaint filed by indefatigable Tamarac activist Patti Lynn, was made possibly by a motion made by Broward DEC member and Fort Lauderdale Democratic Club Vice President Percy Johnson, a long-time loyal soldier in the Ceasar political mob. 
I asked Kings Point Democratic Club Treasurer Hubie Klomberg about it and he said that he supported it because Sultanof has been involved so long and has been a good friend of his. But he claimed the club was still going in a “new direction.
That’s not even the worst part; Norman asked Hubie about Stacy Ritter. “There’s nothing wrong with Stacy Ritter.”

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