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Dynamic Duo: Abby Freedman And Scott Israel Join Forces To Takedown Lamberti?


Just hours after touting her endorsement by Broward Comissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap), Broward School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-Money Pit) had the sheer audacity to troll for votes at the Broward Republican Executive Committee meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Freedman failed to mention Ritter’s endorsement to the Republicans.

Freedman didn’t mention her close ties to Broward Sheriff Democrat candidate Scott J. Israel (D-RRA). Freedman and Israel share the same campaign manger, Barbara Miller, Jr. Israel is waging a nasty smear campaign against the popular Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. Freedman and Israel were singing each other’s praises at a recent King’s Point event.

Freedman and Israel are parts of the sinking flagship known as Team Stacy Ritter. In a desperate move to hold onto power, Team Ritter is rumored to be using the other candidates to bolster her fading chances at re-election.

The gang better hope Harrison and Norma are gathering those absentee ballots at record speeds.

The latest news makes it painfully obvious that a vote for Abby Freedman is really a vote for Scott Israel and Stacy Ritter.

No right-minded Republican would support someone who helps smear Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, right?


Does Tamarac Vice Mayor Diane Glasser Know?!?!


Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times is reporting Percy Johnson, former Broward Democrat Party treasurer, is facing arrest for misuse of funds. Johnson is a close confidant of Tamarac vice mayor Diane Glasser. Could someone be putting political pressure on Glasser?

According to Jones:

“The Broward State Attorney’s Office said the investigation is ongoing and no warrant has been issued for Johnson’s arrest.

Nonetheless, Johnson reportedly has been telling friends and acquaintances that he would surrender this week. That has now been delayed and the reasons are unknown.

Johnson is being accused of writing several checks to himself from the organization’s bank account.

His attorney, McCray, said, ‘He is being charged, but he wans’t sure what the charges are.’

Copies of those checks obtained by South Florida Times shows that Johnson wrote a check to a relative, and more than $2,100 worth of checks to himself. He is also accused of making cash withdrawals and failing to deposit an unspecified amount of cash recieved into the council’s bank account.

Members of the organization’s board had been in talks with Johnson to reach a resolution. Those discussions reportedly broke down, prompting Johnson to hire McCray to represent him in the case. Some members of the organization then filed a complaint with Fort Lauderdale Police, who opened the criminal investigation.”



(photos via Facebook page of Percy Johnson)

Bonfire Of The Inanities: Broward Democrats Don Blacktie As The “1%” Parties The Night Away


Despite the economic struggles of most south Floridians, on Saturday night Broward Democrats hosted a Blacktie gala for Broward’s ruling glass. The affair was held at the Marriott Heron Bay in Parkland. Some came by limousine, but most took advantage of the free parking. If you wanted to have fun last night it helped if you had the bank account of the “1%”. According to a Broward Democrat website, the prices were as follows:

Diamond Sponsors $2,500
Gold Sponsors $2,000
Table Sponsors. $1,700
Dinner Ticket. $150
VIP Cocktail Ticket. $125

With that kind of money you could almost fill your gas tank!

Some of your rulers Broward Democrat leaders in attendance were, Broward County Commisioner Ilene Lieberman, Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter, Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, Broward Clerk of Courts Howard Forman, Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, huge Alex Sink fan Caryl Hattan, huge Democrat Steve Geller, Jack Shifrel, Broward County commissioner Kristin Jacobs and her opponent Lois Frankel. BSO candidate Louis Granteed showed up too. Also there, Tamarac Vice Mayor Diane Glasser and her friend Percy Johnson.

You know who wasn’t there? Those Occupy Fort Lauderdale kids in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Guess their invites got lost in the mail. Or maybe the long march to Parkland was too much for them.

But how many regular folks can afford to spend a few hundred bucks to have dinner and drinks with Mitch Ceasar and company? Did they care that most of Broward’s lumpen proletariat sticks to the 2 for $20 meals at Applebees followed by a $1 movie rental at Redbox?

Nah. Just like Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch), Broward Democrats are woefully out of touch with the people of Broward county