Nothing Off Limits: Attacks on Allen West’s Daughter For Facebook Use

Congressman Allen West

It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to attacking Congressman Allen West. The Broward/Palm New Times  posted an entry about the Facebook page of Allen West’s daughter. In a recent newsletter, West mentioned his daughter’s upcoming high school graduation; It appears that is enough to set the media upon your kids.

All the corrupt family ties in Broward county and they attack West’s daughter? Should we start naming names? What about all the non-political stories we hear? Should we run them just because we do not like mommy or daddy’s political views?


3 thoughts on “Nothing Off Limits: Attacks on Allen West’s Daughter For Facebook Use

  1. Conservative Diva

    I have not yet read the story but already I am OUTRAGED!! If I was a Democrat or had no class (I know….same difference) there are plenty of political kids I could say some not so nice things about! Allen West’s daughters, whom I know personally, are the BEST! They are kind, generous, smart, beautiful….I could go on but you get the picture!


  2. Ana Gomez-Mallada

    TO: The author of this article, Brandon Thorpe:

    RE: Your “article” entitled ” Allen West On Gross Politicization (Speaking of Which: Why’s His Daughter Using The “F” Word?) ”

    I would suggest that a far better use of your time would be to go back to school for a refresher on ethics and impartiality in journalism. Dragging a “Facebook” post allegedly found in Congressman West’s daughter’s page to bolster your anti-West rant is beyond the pale. Journalists are supposed to report the facts. We are perfectly capable of reading them and deciding what we think for ourselves. And dragging a politician’s kids into the fray has never been acceptable. Of course, I am referring to legitimate journalism. You will understand all about it after that refresher course.


  3. Frank Sinclair

    It’s the NEW American politics. I’m sick of these animals and thugs, who only POSE as journalists, and who don’t have a CLUE about ethics or more basically: JOURNALISM.

    To attack a politicians kids in print is cowardly, cold, stupid, and any number of adjectives, but I forgot the most important, if not SAD part of this whole thing: Liberals and their accomplices in the press, have NO SHAME.

    I don’t know what it’s going to take for the “Sleeping Giant” to get off it’s collective butt and take this country back from the clutches of the TRUE heathens who have no respect for the rule of law, morals, or anything else that has TRADITIONALLY made this the greatest country in the world.

    We have around a year and a half to remember how to vote the right people in to put us where we NEED to be. Right now, we’re sliding into the abyss.

    Pathetic maggots picking on kids, like the schoolyard bully. How utterly RIDICULOUS!



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