Broward Democrats Keep On Smiling

Broward Democrats don’t care. They’re running all over town with smiles on their faces. They’re holding fancy fundraisers at powerful law firms. They’re still collecting $500 checks from well-connected benefactors. They’re planning on filling more positions with family members of important lobbyist firms. They’re planning and plotting to manipulate their unmotivated base no matter the […]

Three BTU Officials Charged With Campaign Contributions Violations

Three more Broward Teachers Union Officials charged in Alex Sink campaign contribution scheme: George Segna, Lynn Cavall and Ronney Virgillito. Who’s next? Full story here.

Broward Teachers Union Fails Teachers, Tells Them To Blame Republicans!?!

In a meeting earlier this week, Broward Teachers Union Chief Negotiator George Segna told Union Reps and high school teachers that Republicans were to blame for all their problems. Well-informed teachers confronted Segna, asking why they should blame Republicans, when the BTU continues to let teachers down. Some teachers mentioned the recent scandal involving the […]