Brace Yourself…

Today’s news of a cooperating witness, plea deals and investigations is just the first. Many say things don’t work like that in Broward; They think the powerful and well-connected as get away with it. Things change. Winter is coming.

Report: Plea Deal Reached In Broward Teachers Union Scandal

From Media Trackers Florida: “Today, a senior law enforcement official confirmed to Media Trackers Florida that Bernie Schultz, a Union first vice-president will enter into a plea agreement to lesser charges in exchange for testimony against Santeramo and others. The official believes this illegal union practice has gone on for many election cycles but the […]

School Board Wants to Pay Someone $150,000 To Be In Charge of Feeding B***SH&T To Broward County

New Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie thinks he needs a Pubic Information Officer. The position could pay up to $148,000 a year. To put into perspective, Broward State Attorney Mike Satz (D-I SEE NOTHING!) was elected alongside Jimmy Carter (D-1976 version of Obama) and he barely makes $150K a year. WPLG/Local 10 published a list […]