Tea Party Fort Lauderdale and AnyStreet.org Host Pamela Geller Event in Fort Lauderdale


Here are some photos from a sold out event for Pamela Geller at Nick’s Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. The event was hosted by Tea Party Fort Lauderdale and AnyStreet.org.

Ms. Geller spoke on several issues including the Ground Zero mosque, the killing of Anwar Al Awlaki, Islamic training in public schools and the recent events surrounding Nezar Hamze of CAIR and the Broward GOP.

Full details and video coming soon.





On Monday evening, at the regularly scheduled Broward GOP meeting, Nezar Hamze admitted that Javier Manjarres of THE SHARK TANK told him to join the GOP because [Manjarres] believed in “freedom of religion.” Later. in an interview with RED BROWARD, Hamze stated that Manjarres, “encouraged” him to join the Broward Republican Executive Committee.

Manjarres has offered several explanations as to why his name appeared on Hamze’s application and why Hamze told 300 Republicans that he told him to join. On Tuesday, Manjarres wrote on The Shark Tank,

“Interestingly enough, on his application, Hamze stated that I, Javier Manjarres had ‘encouraged’ him to join the BREC, when what I really did was answer his question of whether he should go through with it or not, I simply told him what the criteria was to become a member, and if he met the criteria set by the Republican Party, he or anyone else could join the BREC.” (emphasis added)

Manjarres’ own words make it clear that he discussed joining the Broward GOP with Hamze. But on Wednesday, Manjarres gave a new spin via Twitter. Manjarres implies this something cooked up by the Broward GOP:

yeah, local GOP is grasping for anything to try to sink me, but failing miserably at it..lol

Now, he blames the whole mess on CAIR. Again via Twitter, Manjarres writes:

CAIR is using my stature to try to give their cause credibility, end of story. Rosenblum is jealous of ST, he has no cred-Joke

So, is Manjarres claiming to be the victim of a vast conspiracy between bloggers, the Republican party and Muslims? This Captain Queeg-like defense strains all credulity. The video above shows contact between Manjarres and Hamze dating back to at least February 2011.

Captain Queeg

On February 18, 2011, Manjarres posted an interview of Hamze at CAIR HQ in Pembroke Pines, FL. In this video, Hamze is extremely critical of Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation) and U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner; Hamze even calls Hasner “dangerous.”

Days later, at an Allen West town hall at the FAU campus in Boca Raton, FL, Hamze confronts Congressman West. In his Shark Video of the encounter, Manjarres says Hamze was “wielding a Koran”. Manjarres’s own video shows him scrambling to get in position to capture Hamze confronting West. A second, independent video of the event shows Hamze pass by Manjarres and his camera.

Also included in the video is an August 16, 2011 report from CBS 4 Miami. The report details Congressman Allen West’s simple response to a letter from Hamze. When interviewed by CBS 4, Hamze is again extremely critical of West.

Then on September 15, 2011 Manjarres conducted a series of interviews with Hamze regarding his attempts to join the Broward GOP. Manjarres allowed Hamze to downplay negative aspects of CAIR and shariah law. Was this a manuever to make his membership in BREC more palatable? Manjarres would even post postal tracking numbers of Hamze’s application. Could this information come from anyone but Hamze?

The video culminates with Hamze’s admission at the Broward GOP meeting.

So,  has CAIR been using his stature since February 2011? No one forced Manjarres to interview Hamze at CAIR headquarters. Did bloggers and “Charlie Crist RINOs” and local GOP leaders hatch this plan just to “sink” him? Not possible according to Manjarres; he talks about their ineffectiveness and lack of leadership all the time.

More importantly, why is Manjarres having ANY discussions with Hamze about joining the GOP? Anyone with any common sense can see Hamze does not like Allen West or Adam Hasner. Hamze admits to Manjarres that he would not be able to support West. Didn’t Manjarres realize that Hamze joining the committee could cause chaos for candidates like Allen West and Adam Hasner? Wouldn’t Manjarres be extra-concerned about Hamze’s dislike for Hasner? Manjarres has endorsed Hasner. Mr. Hasner trumpeted this endorsement at the recent CPAC FL event.

Why didn’t Manjarres discourage Hamze from joining? Was he so obsessed with destroying the Broward GOP that he would jeopardize the West and Hasner campaigns? Did Manjarres warn anyone ahead of time? If he is the victim of a CAIR plot, why did Manjarres call the Broward GOP bigoted for denying Hamze’s application?

Shouldn’t someone ask Manjarres what he meant when he said at CPAC 2011, “We make the news”?

Someone pass the strawberries.