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Hey Broward, Did You Make Ruth’s List?

Don’t forget to RSVP for the big “BROWARD COUNTY ‘MEET THE CANDIDATES’ RECEPTION” hosted by Ruth’s List. According to its website, Ruth’s List is “dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting, supporting, and electing pro-choice, Democratic women to public office in Tallahassee, in county commissions, in city councils, and in other key positions around Florida.” Bleh, typical Democratic boiler plate drivel.

The real fun is found in the host committee. You’ll find Broward one-percenter Barbara Miller. Ms. Miller, responsible for many of our lousy school board members over the years, is rumored to have the blessing of the Florida Democrat Party to run things in Broward. Then of course you’ll recognize uber-lobbyist Judy Stern on the host committee. Hmmm, the invite mentions “libations”, does that mean salami sandwiches will be served? Let’s hope Judy’s latest client, Ilene Lieberman will bring a mango platter!

Red Broward is on Ruth Gordon’s list

Comedy will be provided when FL State Rep. Elaine Schwartz tries to explain why she believes Republicans are genetically inferior to Democrats. You’re a real “middle class hero”, Elaine!

Hope to see you all on June 25th at Barbara Miller’s palacial estate in Hallandale. Make sure someone invites the Occupy Fort Lauderdale folks.

Old Broward County Rules A.K.A The Curly Shuffle

Don’t worry, the rules have changed in Broward County. Winter is coming…