Not-So-Ringing Endorsements

Many asked if RED BROWARD will make endorsements. Nah, that’s too easy. Loyal readers should be able to figure out who deserves your vote. So we’re making a “DO NOT VOTE FOR” list.  All you naughty ones might find your name on our list. We’re focusing on local races, mostly judicial and school board races. […]

Hey Broward, Did You Make Ruth’s List?

Don’t forget to RSVP for the big “BROWARD COUNTY ‘MEET THE CANDIDATES’ RECEPTION” hosted by Ruth’s List. According to its website, Ruth’s List is “dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting, supporting, and electing pro-choice, Democratic women to public office in Tallahassee, in county commissions, in city councils, and in other key positions around Florida.” Bleh, typical Democratic […]

Merick Lewin Responds To Media Reports On His Ties To 411 PAIN

Merick Lewin, Republican candidate for FL House 97, issued this statement as a response to recent media reports regarding his ties to 411 Pain. The New Times reported Lewin acted as a lobbyist for the company which is owned and operated by members of his family. Here is his unedited statement. “In the world of […]