Old Broward County Rules A.K.A The Curly Shuffle

Don’t worry, the rules have changed in Broward County. Winter is coming…

Two For Tuesday: Left Holding “MoveOn.Org” & “Three Stooges” Protests In Broward

Broward Democrats, progressives, union organizers and hippies are holding 2(!) protests in Broward on Tuesday. The fun begins at 10am with the “Move On.org Tax The 1%” rally at the Broward Government Center. Later in the afternoon, Awake Broward, Pink Slip Rick, Pink Slip Mitt and Stop Rubio will hold a “Three Stooges” protest in […]

Forget Debbie? Joe Goldner Taking On Congressman Alcee Hastings

Joe Goldner vows to stay in US Congressional (CD-20) race even if it meets taking on Congressman Alcee Hastings instead of his favorite target, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch). The redistricting maps have changed boundaries and numbering of districts. Wasserman Schultz and her Republican opponents are believed to be headed for the new CD-23. […]