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MoveOn.Org Quick To Use Colorado Tragedy

The horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado is less than 24 hours old but that didn’t stop the lefties at MoveOn.Org from using it for political gain. They sent an email tying the movie theater murders to the Gabrielle Giffords and Trayvon Martin shootings. Have they no shame?

Here’s part of the email:

“We’re also so angry. From children’s lives lost in school shootings, to Trayvon Martin, the Representative Gabrielle Giffords attack, and this latest slaughter of innocents, we are not safe from gun violence.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been campaigning to put a stop to senseless gun violence like this with commonsense measures, like fixing gun checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. They’ve started a petition in SignOn.org to demand action on ending gun violence.

Sadly, it often takes moments like these to bring politicians to their senses about guns. And while signing a petition seems so inadequate in the face of what happened last night, it’s important to do what we can.”


MoveOn.org Planning Stunt At Romney HQ In Fort Lauderdale


Hey all unmotivated, discouraged Broward Democrats! The fine folks from Soros.org MoveOn.org have just the thing to get you excited! Head on down to Mitt Romney HQ in Fort Lauderdale to protest! Hooray!

Imagine all ten east side liberals standing in a parking lot on Oakland Park Blvd…that will finally wake up the sleeping Democrat giant, right?

Should they sweeten the offer?

What if Maggie Davidson and Betty DiMaio promise to sing some old 1960s hippie protest song? What if the “non-partisan” League Of Women Voters brings sample ballots? What if tea party judge wannabe Bob Nichols brings Sylvia Poitier? What if Judy Stern brings a big platter of salami sandwiches? What if Ilene Liberman and Her Magic Cats perform?

Wait. We got it. What if Stacy Ritter brings her supporters from The Booby Trap?

See you there!

“Dear MoveOn member,

We have a huge opportunity right now to turn up the heat on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. Can you help by delivering a message to his campaign office in Fort Lauderdale TODAY at NOON?

Click here to download everything you’ll need.

Then show up today at noon at the Romney office:

2817 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 200-A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

Thanks for all you do.”