MoveOn.Org Quick To Use Colorado Tragedy

The horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado is less than 24 hours old but that didn’t stop the lefties at MoveOn.Org from using it for political gain. They sent an email tying the movie theater murders to the Gabrielle Giffords and Trayvon Martin shootings. Have they no shame? Here’s part of the email: “We’re also so […]

Taking Out The Trash: Wheelabrator Celebrates “Clueless” Broward

Everyone else in town is writing about the epic trash-talk at the Broward County Commission as your fearless leaders decide between Wheelabrator and Sun Bergeron. Ilene Lieberman and Stacy Ritter are involved so you know someone is looking out for the peons common man. But tonight’s your big chance to hobnob with the big society […]