Two For Tuesday: Left Holding “MoveOn.Org” & “Three Stooges” Protests In Broward

Broward Democrats, progressives, union organizers and hippies are holding 2(!) protests in Broward on Tuesday. The fun begins at 10am with the “Move Tax The 1%” rally at the Broward Government Center. Later in the afternoon, Awake Broward, Pink Slip Rick, Pink Slip Mitt and Stop Rubio will hold a “Three Stooges” protest in […]

Hippies Still “Occupy” Fort Lauderdale City Hall

While New York and other cities are cleaning up the Occupy Wall Street sites, Fort Lauderdale City Hall is still home to sleeping bags, chairs, couches, pots and pans, and tables of food. Come on down for a hot dog and some Kool-Aid!

Occupy Wall Street Hippies Should Listen To John Lennon

It would be hard to call John, Paul, George and Ringo “fascists” or “one percenters”. So why not take note of John Lennon’s message to hippies back in the 1960s. (HINT: Read some history books). The anti-war movement was being co-opted by Marxists, communists and anarchists; The types who were the antithesis of Lennon’s “Peace […]