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Sun-Sentinel: Talabisco’s Lawyer Says “Undisputed Facts” That Ilene Lieberman, Alex Heckler and Michael Udine Played Roles In Chait Scandal

Dont touch my mangoes!

Brittany Wallman, political reporter for The Sun-Sentinel, reports on motion filed by the the lawyer for former Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco(D-Broward Democrat). The motion recounts the roles played by Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango), Parkland Mayor Michael Udine (D-Atlantis) and Democrat lobbyist Alex Heckler (D-Stepdaddy Franklin Sands running for Broward School Board). Wallman writes:

“‘Knowing that [Talabisco] supported the Project, the Chaits then sought ways to ensure her election.’

Enter Lieberman and Heckler, the stepson of Broward school board candidate and current state Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Sunrise.

In February 2006, Shawn Chait met Heckler, Oster and Udine at Udine’s law office ‘to discuss ways Shawn Chait could get involved in the 2006 Tamarac Mayor’s race to influence the outcome of the election.’

Oster suggested ‘that he would do a poll,’ and Chait agreed to pay for it to determine if Flansbaum-Talabisco ‘was doing well in the campaign and to ‘get the lay of the land.’

Oster did the poll and discovered she was ‘tied with her opponents.’ The poll was ‘only sent to Shawn Chait.’

‘As a result of the poll,’ the motion continues, ‘it was determined a ‘527’ was necessary.’

Hecker testified he got a phone call from Lieberman to set up the 527, an Electioneering Communications Organization, independent of a candidate’s campaign, and was told he would receive a call from Shawn Chait.

The name of the ECO: ‘Tamarac Residents for Good Government.’

It was set up by Heckler, and the Chaits contributed to it ‘to pay for campaign mailers via two conduit entities which were reimbursed by the Chaits.'”

Somebody tell us why Broward State Attorney Mike Satz focused on little fish Talabisco when the swamp was filled with big fish.

Don’t forget Mike Satz, elected alongside Jimmy Carter in 1976, is up for re-election this year.

You can read the full story here.

Judy Stern Tells Media: Time For Satz To Go


As we reported on Saturday, a comment allegedly written by uber-consultant and salami sandwich doyenne, Judy Stern, appeared in a story about Broward Democrat Josephus Eggelletion. Joe Egg won’t be getting out of prison until July and “Judy Stern” didn’t like it one bit.

Now the real Judy Stern tells Bob Norman of WPLG Local 10 that she didn’t write the comment. But she says she shares the sentiment.

“But, she added, ‘I definitely didn’t write it and that’s not the issue why I supprot Chris Mancini.’

So what’s with her switch on Satz, whom she has supported in the past? If it’s not Eggelletion what is it?

‘When someone has been there since 1976, I think we need a fresh approach to the operation,’ she said.”

Mike Satz(D-Sgt Schultz) was elected alongside Jimmy Carter back in 1976.

(click here to read Bob Norman’s full story)