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Pines Commish Playing Politics In Broward Sheriff’s Race?

Even though he says questions about the county’s emergency 911 response system are not “political,” Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz has spearheaded  a campaign against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and BSO since at least last April. Schwartz claims to be troubled by the response times of the BSO-operated 911 dispatch system. On Wednesday, Schwartz’s scheme to return control to the Pembroke Pines Police Department was rejected by the city commission.

The day before, Schwartz told WPLG Local 10 he received a call from Sheriff Scott Israel asking him to postpone the vote. Schwartz claims Israel asked him to delay the vote until after the August 30th Democrat primary. 

“He asked that the item wait until after the primary,” Schwartz said. “I went forward with the item because it’s about protecting the residents of Broward County. This dispatch system is not political. What I heard from the sheriff was very disappointing.”

Israel faces challengers Willie Jones, Edison Jules and James Fondo on the August ballot.

Schwartz’s claims Israel is playing politics with public safety echoes the talking points pushed by Fondo, his consultant Dan Lewis and other supporters.

In fact, many Fondo supporters rushed to Schwartz’s defense on Facebook when BSO general counsel Ron Gunzburger attempted to correct the record. Schwartz did not deny Gunzburger’s claim that the Pines commissioner had done extensive polling on the issue.

Two sources told REDBROWARD that Schwartz had commissioned polls on the dispatch issue. Schwartz was re-elected in March.

Gunzburger posted the Sheriff asked for the delay because the County consultant investigating the dispatch system will not complete his report until September.

In April, Schwartz started the steady drumbeat to support his anti-BSO position. On Facebook, Schwartz said return dispatch to Pines control was, “My first order of business in the second term.”

Since then, Schwartz has posted numerous articles which paint Sheriff Israel and BSO in a negative light. These articles are similar to the same ones posted by the Fondo-supporting “Broward Citizens Over Public Safety (COPS)” group.

Come on, Jay. Fess up. You’re a politician. You’ve been playing politics too.

Karen Harrington Attack Mailer Uses Info From Cop Accused Of Filing False Police Reports

This week, voters of US Congressional district 23 received a mailer from Karen Harrington attacking her Republican opponent Ozzie DeFaria. The piece featured information from a July 2005 police report filed by Lee Martin. In October 2005, as part of large corruption investigation of former Sheriff Ken Jenne, Detective Martin was arrested for filing false police reports.

The Sun Sentinel reported at the time of his arrest, “As part of the fallout from the crime statistics scandal still rocking the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the agency Friday fired a deputy after an internal investigation concluded he falsified records to close cases. Lee Martin, 41, was a detective in the Weston/Southwest Ranches district, but in October 2005, was suspended with pay. Last October, the Sheriff’s Office stopped paying him.Martin’s termination, requiring several sheriff’s officials’ signatures, comes just days before another suspended deputy, Shane Campbell, 33, is set to go to trial on felony charges stemming from the scandal, which became public in 2004.” Even though BSO fired Martin, an arbitrator eventually forced his reinstatement.

Additionally, law enforcement insiders tell RED BROWARD that Martin has been escorting Democrat Sheriff candidate Louis Granteed all around town. Sources say Martin escorted Granteed’s Democrat primary challenger Scott Israel in 2008. One can assume that Martin will never escort Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti (R-Republican) anywhere.

Perhaps the Harrington campaign will double check their sources next time? Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch) would have a field day with a Republican opponent quoting a disgraced Democrat operative.

Karen Harrington, Ozzie DeFaria, Gineen Bresso, Juan Eliel Garcia and Joe Kaufman face off for the CD 23 Republican nomination on August 14, 2012.

The CD 23 candidates will debate on Thursday August 2 7:00pm at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community 1301 South Ocean Blvd, Hollywood. The debate will be moderated by veteran WPLG/Local 10 political reporter Michael Putney.