As we reported on Saturday, a comment allegedly written by uber-consultant and salami sandwich doyenne, Judy Stern, appeared in a story about Broward Democrat Josephus Eggelletion. Joe Egg won’t be getting out of prison until July and “Judy Stern” didn’t like it one bit.

Now the real Judy Stern tells Bob Norman of WPLG Local 10 that she didn’t write the comment. But she says she shares the sentiment.

“But, she added, ‘I definitely didn’t write it and that’s not the issue why I supprot Chris Mancini.’

So what’s with her switch on Satz, whom she has supported in the past? If it’s not Eggelletion what is it?

‘When someone has been there since 1976, I think we need a fresh approach to the operation,’ she said.”

Mike Satz(D-Sgt Schultz) was elected alongside Jimmy Carter back in 1976.

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