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Broward School Board Candidate Touts Partisan Post In Non-Partisan Race



In her new campaign commercial, Ruth Roman Lynch, a non-partisan candidate in the Broward School Board District 5 race, touts her role as the “1st Vice Chair of Broward Democratic Party.” She also mentions her roles as “1st Vice Chair of Democratic Black Caucus of Florida” and “secretary of Affirmative Action Committee, Florida Democratic Party”. Just to hammer home her Democrat leanings to viewers, Lynch includes an Obama family photo with a note from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Gee, is this allowed in a non-partisan race? Shouldn’t her campaign disclaimer mention something about the “non-partisan” nature of the race? Another School Board candidate tried to inject Michelle Obama into Broward elections. We doubt the White House will be thrilled.

But the biggest problem with Lynch’s commercial? She uses that awful Dave Koz song.




Are Broward Democrats Playing Games With Ely High Scoreboard?


What do you think? Last minute wrench thrown in to sabotage Ely scoreboard leads to community outrage!

Ely parents and alum angry because they raised close to $60,000 for scoreboard. Taxpayers see more waste. District employees demand installation be done by well-connected construction interests.

This leads to a raucous board meeting where Republican board member(s) forced to take position that may hurt electoral prospects. Candidates in District 5 (home to Ely HS) get to demagogue and play hero. All coordinated by “consultants” with ties to board members and other politicians.

In other words, the same old bullsh*t.

Broward Democrats play games with your kids, your schools, and your money. They don’t care about the kids. It’s all about gaining an electoral advantage and helping their well-connected friends.

They’re banking on no one paying attention.

But people are paying attention…