What do you think? Last minute wrench thrown in to sabotage Ely scoreboard leads to community outrage!

Ely parents and alum angry because they raised close to $60,000 for scoreboard. Taxpayers see more waste. District employees demand installation be done by well-connected construction interests.

This leads to a raucous board meeting where Republican board member(s) forced to take position that may hurt electoral prospects. Candidates in District 5 (home to Ely HS) get to demagogue and play hero. All coordinated by “consultants” with ties to board members and other politicians.

In other words, the same old bullsh*t.

Broward Democrats play games with your kids, your schools, and your money. They don’t care about the kids. It’s all about gaining an electoral advantage and helping their well-connected friends.

They’re banking on no one paying attention.

But people are paying attention…