George LeMieux Stresses Conservative Credentials At Broward GOP Meeting

Speaking before the Broward Republican Executive Committee, Senator George LeMieux stressed his conservative values and achievements when describing his time in Washington D.C.  LeMieux is the former chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee. He told the friendly crowd of nearly 300 activists that, unlike his rivals, he will not require any on-the-job training if elected; LeMieux was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to finish Senator Mel Martinez’s term in 2009.

Senator George LeMieux on Red Broward

LeMieux addressed the “Charlie Crist” issue saying Crist will always be a friend, but the day after Crist left the Republican Party, he endorsed Marco Rubio. RED BROWARD asked Senator LeMieux about several issues: rising gas prices, the loss of aerospace jobs on Florida’s Space Coast, the latest Wikileaks disclosure on GITMO and the Corruption problem in Broward County.

Also, BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli stressed the need for Broward Republicans to continue their hard work throughout 2011. He mentioned the ongoing Democrat corruption debacle. DeNapoli talked about his weekly radio debates with Broward Democrat chair Mitch Ceasar on Jimmy Cefalo’s show (WIOD 610AM/100.3FM) every Tuesday morning; these debates serve as an opportunity to deliver the Republican message to all voters.

DeNapoli announced the BREC’s new blog, “The Broward GOP Insider” was named best political blog by a Sun-Sentinel contest. He said this unique blog is yet another vehicle to deliver a conservative message to Broward voters.

5 thoughts on “George LeMieux Stresses Conservative Credentials At Broward GOP Meeting

  1. Nancy Farner

    He lost my support when he voted in favor of the Safe Food Bill.
    Now the government, under the guise of protecting us from salmonella,
    can pull any food from the shelves it deems unsafe for citizens…ice cream maybe, evil bacon, how about chips?
    How about its mandate that bans farmer’s markets?


  2. Bob

    It was a great meeting – was the best speech I’ve ever heard from LeMieux. Did you get any video of him answering your questions? I’d like to see that.


  3. Independent

    I actually like LeMieux, and I believe he is the only one that could successfully challenge Nelson. Basically because I thought he can be a moderate in a conservative republican world.

    However, if he is so desparate as to lose his moderation, and go to the dark side, he will lose that moderate support.

    By the way, there isn’t any one else in the Republican party who could be considered a moderate, which is where Nelson is. Fortunately, I like Nelson too. So depending upon who Republicans pick, it could be an easy choice, or a difficult one.


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