A Message To Congressman Allen West

Fight. Instead of sending reinforcements, Tallahassee is cutting our supply lines. But their voices don’t reach far beyond Leon County. The deal-makers in Tallahassee don’t get on FOX NEWS; Heck, they probably couldn’t get on CNBC. So go tell Greta and Hannity about the shenanigans in Florida. We’re tired of the same old games. We […]

Less Red For Broward? FL House Releases Redistricting Maps

The Florida House of Representatives has released several redistricting maps. You can read the maps for yourself here. A few quick thoughts: –FL House 97 still exists, but may no longer include Weston. –Most of Weston goes to FL House 104, which may explain why Hazelle Rogers is eye-balling the Broward County Commission. –US Congress […]