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Laughable Ben Sorensen Ad Promises He Won’t “Kiss Ron DeSantis’ Ass,” Claims Democrat Jared Moskowitz Pushed “Trumpy Agenda”

“Trumpy Agenda”

Most political insiders believe Ben Sorensen’s only path to victory in the CD 23 Democratic primary is painting fellow Democrat Jared Moskowitz as a Ron DeSantis puppet. Sorensen, a Fort Lauderdale Commissioner, is running against Broward County Commissioner Jared Moskowitz to replace Ted Deutch in Congress. Sorensen takes that path in his latest web commercial but the execution is downright laughable.

Sorensen starts by claiming Moskowitz pushed a “Trumpy agenda.” No idea what that means, but the Sorensen “brain trust” of former Broward Democratic Party officials must think Moskowitz is a closet Donald Trump/MAGA supporter. Kind of laughable considering Hillary Clinton endorsed Jared Moskowitz this summer.

Later in the ad, Sorensen tries to act tough by declaring he will never “kiss Ron DeSantis’ ass.” Governor Ron DeSantis must be so relieved.

Ben Sorensen commercial