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Tamarac Commissioner Debra Placko Paid $4,000 To Happy Feet Advertising “Owner” Days Before Fake Endorsement Card Hit The Polls In 2018

On October 7, 2018, Tamarac Commissioner Debra Placko paid $4,000 to Resident United Advertising LLC for a “campaign expense,” records show. State records show Resident United Advertising LLC was a Margate company owned by Trace Robinson. Over the last year, REDBROWARD exposed the deep ties between Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton and another Margate-based company owned by Trace Robinson. And Debra Placko never said a word.

In addition to Resident United Advertising LLC, State records show Trace Robinson also owns Happy Feet Advertising LLC. Both companies are located at 300 Lakewood Circle in Margate. While the business paperwork shows the Margate address, the mailing address for Happy Feet Advertising is listed as P.O. Box 451711 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33345.

State records also show businesses owned by Marlon Bolton use the same post office box.


Florida business records show the post office box address used by Happy Feet Advertising has been used by Marlon Bolton since at least 2014. These businesses include Tyson Bolton and Associates, Forecast Holdings, LLC, Prophet Fire, and Win Without War. These same records show Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson are business partners.

Records list Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson as owners of The Driven Project, Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church, and South Florida Theological Seminary, Inc. The companies also use the same post office box.

In 2020, Trace Robinson created the Broward Vision PAC political committee. The address for the PAC is the same post office box used by Bolton.

State of Florida campaign records show Broward Vision PAC paid $1,400 to Exy Consultants, a corporation created under the Happy Feet Advertising LLC name by Robinson. Exy Consultants used the same P.O. Box 451711 address as Marlon Bolton.

According to his campaign reports, Commissioner Bolton provided Happy Feet Advertising with a huge payday—nearly $14,000 during the 2020 election cycle.

In April 2021, REDBROWARD exposed the roles Bolton and Happy Feet Advertising played in the election of North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin. Campaign records show Happy Feet Advertising, LLC performed extensive campaign work for the newly-elected Martin.

Last month, REDBROWARD revealed State House candidate Elijah Manley paid Happy Feet Advertising LLC $2,800 for “monetary” work on his January campaign.


REDBROWARD exposed Marlon Bolton’s ties to Residents United PAC, a State of Florida political committee. Elections records show the committee was formed in April 2019 by chairman Carl Williams and treasurer Malucci Joseph. Both individuals are close associates of Marlon Bolton.

Carl Williams was a Bolton appointee to the City of Tamarac parks & recreation committee. REDBROWARD obtained videos showing Williams assisting Bolton during church services at the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church in North Lauderdale.

On the very same day he created Residents United PAC, Carl Williams created the “Go Tamarac Go PAC.” The only money listed in the Go Tamarac Go reports is a $1,750 contribution by the PAC’s treasurer Malucci Joseph.

In addition to her roles in Go Tamarac Go PAC and Residents United PAC, Malucci Joseph is the chairperson and treasurer of the Tallahassee based Conservative Governance PAC. Joseph also formed the Federal “Our Blue Democracy” committee using the same Tallahassee address.

This week, REDBROWARD attempted to contact Malucci Joseph at the Tallahassee telephone number for the committees. Instead on Joseph, Marlon Bolton answered the telephone.


In January 2018, REDBROWARD exposed the roles former Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and his campaign guru, Omar Smith played in Fort Lauderdale Mayoral race.

City of Fort Lauderdale campaign records from December 2017 show Dean Trantalis’ mayoral campaign hired Sophia Nelson, another consultant closely tied to Commissioner Dale Holness, and her SA Nelson And Associates firm for “marketing” purposes.

Florida Division Of Elections records show Sophia A. Nelson is the chairperson of the “A Better Florida For All” political committee. The address for this political committee is the same address found on a December pro-Trantalis email sent to Fort Lauderdale voters by “FlyerSmith,” a company owned by Omar Smith.

Division of Elections records show Omar Smith is the treasurer of the “A Better Florida For All” political committee.

In October 2018, Buddy Nevins of Broward Beat reported on four local judicial candidates appearing the endorsement card produced by A Better Florida For All. The card promoted Democrat candidates most notably Andrew Gillum. Nevins wrote, “Four Broward lawyers running for judge could end up in trouble for appearing to violate state Code of Ethics for judicial candidates. Partisan appeals judicial candidates’ ads are forbidden by the Florida Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct. Joint advertising by judicial candidates is also prohibited.”

Shortly thereafter, the State of Florida revoked the registration of A Better Florida For All. Smith failed to properly submit paper to the Florida Division Of Elections. Attempts to contact Smith failed.

Since the committee is no longer a legal entity, legal steps were made to keep the card from being distributed to voters. In Late October 2018, (now Judge) Corey Cawthon filed an emergency motion against A Better Florida All over its inappropriate endorsement card. A judge granted the motion and ordered the card removed from polling locations.

Omar Smith told to the Sun-Sentinel “that none of the candidates were picked because of financial ties to the political action committee or to any of Smith’s businesses, which perform campaign services.”

A copy of the A Better Florida For All card was included in Cawthon’s emergency lawsuit. One of the candidates prominently displayed is Tamarac Commissioner Debra Placko.

Placko is pictured alongside Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin and Elvin Villalobos. Both Gelin and Villalobos enjoyed the support of Marlon Bolton.

Is timing of Placko’s $4,000 payment to Resident United Advertising LLC and her inclusion on the For Better Florida For All endorsement card in October 2018 a mere coincidence?

Last year, REDBROWARD reported how a bombshell report commissioned by the City of Tamarac Human Resources Department in 2019 revealed a pattern of “bullying” of City employees by Commissioner Marlon Bolton. The report documents several instances of Bolton attacking political opponents by using their race, ethnicity and religion.

Fire Captain William Duesler told investigators Bolton told a voter Mayor Michelle Gomez was a “White Jew–Don’t vote for her.” Another complaint heard Marlon Bolton tell a voter, “Gomez can’t even speak Spanish…and that she is a White Jew.”

In the same report, Mayor Gomez told investigators, “that Commissioner Bolton misappropriated the City’s name and/or logo for purely political purposes. She asserts that he utilized the City’s name and/or logo in a political advertisement for Residents United…with its membership base being members of Commissioner Bolton’s church congregation.

Didn’t Commissioner Debra Placko recognize the “Residents United” name? Just a year earlier she paid $4,000 to Resident United Advertising LLC. That’s not chump change.

Did Debra Placko confirm Mayor Gomez’s allegations to investigators?

Why did Debra Placko pay $4,000 to Resident United Advertising LLC?

Why did Debra Placko say nothing as Happy Feet Advertising and The Tamarac Post were used to bash her fellow commissioners?

Some Tamarac residents have wondered why Debra Placko has not criticized Marlon Bolton’s behavior on the dais. Placko bemoans the rancor yet she stands by in silence as Bolton attacks Gomez and Villalobos.

Perhaps she’s afraid residents will learn about her alliance with Bolton’s team?

REDBROWARD reached out to Debra Placko for answers. She has not responded.

Life Imitates Art? Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Directed Movie About Church Pastor & Political Corruption

Marlon Bolton. Writer, director, actor?

Is life imitating art in the City of Tamarac? Eleven years ago, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Holness) directed a movie about a young church pastor caught up in political corruption. The two-minute YouTube trailer for “Johnny” gives us a brief glimpse of the musical comedy from the mind of Marlon Bolton. The movie features Bolton playing a reporter with an English accent.

In August 2010, Marlon Bolton spoke about “Johnny” with the Jamaicans.com website. According to the article, Bolton went from “high profile model agent to playwright” in the blink of an eye. Originally planned as a stage play, Bolton filmed his opus around Fort Lauderdale. The full title of the movie is “Johnny – Political Corruption and Community Passa Passa.”

The comically self-promoting article claims Marlon Bolton gave up a lavish party lifestyle with “A-listers” to film a movie with unknown actors in Broward County. Bolton said, “I have not exactly made a drastic move; I have simply taken on another task… I will now produce amazing plays, present amazing actors while building the community I have now adopted.”

Are Tamarac residents unwitting actors in Marlon Bolton’s newest production?

Will Dale Holness get an Best Actor nomination?

Here’s the full story from Jamaicans.com:

Marlon Bolton has yet again embarked on another mission which already is changing lives – from High profile Model Agent to Playwright. Bolton at age 12 started business in Jamaica and by 19 owned one of the most successful model placement agencies in the Caribbean, Marlon then moved permanently to the United States and took another bold step becoming a Model Agent managing models that has successfully completed assignments for Givenchy, Numero, GQ, Rolex and Dolce and Gabbana.

The flashy lifestyle of partying with models and jet setting to Fashion weeks across the world, sitting front row beside A-listers and doing business with the rich and famous is now traded for a Florida based team of rising Actors and Actresses and a dream to open a community centre and Theatre for the Arts. This drastic move according to Bolton is described by one of his mentors as a “Gemini thing” hinting that Gemini’s have multiple dreams and does a lot at the same time, but Bolton in his own words says “I have not exactly made a drastic move; I have simply taken on another task… I will now produce amazing plays, present amazing actors while building the community I have now adopted”

Marlon wastes no time. His first production that has credited him this new title was recently launched in Fort Lauderdale. The name of the production is “Johnny – Political Corruption and Community Passa Passa”

Johnny is Mildly Musical. A Drama-comedy to be a film adaptation. The play is centered on a young man “Johnny” that grew up poverty stricken, but found success in life. Nigel Stafford who plays Johnny, develops uncontrollable anger management problems during marriage overseas, looses focus on his relationship with Jesus Christ that has been watered down by his new found wealth and Job as a Politian, but a stroke of bad luck reminds him of his past passions, which leads him to return to his old community in Jamaica to run for political office. Bolton’s skillful technique to present different messages and his display of literary work in this one production is genius; the role “Ericka” played by Cellicia Hunt, is breath talking, Ericka is the antagonist of the play – she is constantly seeking attention and or fighting against the better of “Princess” by Anitra Simpson. The craftiness of characterization where Princess is concerned is must see, she displays heroism at all levels in the play. “Nancy” played by Sherron Wedderburn is the comic relief of the entire production, a preppy, sophisticated but hated Politian. “Miss May” played by Eda Rodney is the foil of Johnny and indeed alongside Johnny the Protagonist – both Characters goes through turmoil but gets to realize that life is not all about what one has, they both learn that money cannot buy things of the heart. “Dr. Priest Jean de Baptiste” played by member, reveals Ms. May’s realization buts its Johnny’s life experience that realizes his. James Lyttle “the Pastor” is the parody of Pastors, while “Malvet” and “John” by Gillian Campbell and Kemar Bonnick respectively is the epitome of Caribbean family relationships, their dedication to “Johnny” who in early life is played by Everald McDonald deserves an award.

Realistically though, without characters like “Max” played by Charles Brown and “Stacy” by April Russell who both has a love affair “Miss Carmen” played by Shernett Syankana another comic relief, “Jeniffer” by Kerry McKenzie, “Paulette” played by Sarah Wedderburn and “Chris” by Kareem Memnom, the plot of the play would not be effectively realized.

Though the catastrophic ending is a skillful understatement there is an eminent catharsis.

Johnny – the play, is not by any means your typical “Christian” production, though the undertone, Johnny’s mission is to realize real life issues and promote positive Caribbean life – comically.

According to Bolton, he wrote this play after reading a book by John Maxwell, Maxwell in the book 21 Irrefutable Laws of leadership motives people and build better leaders and helps people to see the bigger picture – “I know the play will be long running and overtime will make enough money to start a community centre and finance my church’s visions… Community Centers changes lives and prevent havocs, and this is the big picture”

As a part of the big Picture “Johnny” will open on August 27th and 28th in Sunrise Florida and continue for the next 3 years across the world.