On Tuesday, Barbara Miller, the ultimate Broward Democrat insider, joined Awake Broward Democrats and the Occupy Fort Lauderdale crowd at their Awake The State rally in Fort Lauderdale. They held signs and sang songs bemoaning the “one percent” and Republican politicians as the root of all evil. Lots of “we are the 99 percent” chants too.

But c’mon man. Barbara Miller? Really? Part of the 99%? The woman who’s had a hand in picking Broward judges and school board members for decades? The woman who spents more time vacationing in Europe than visiting the Sawgrass Mills mall? The “godmother” of vanished ex-school board member Jennifer Gottlieb? The good friend of lobbyist Neil Sterling?

Sorry, Ms. Miller may be nice. She may be powerful. But she definitely ain’t the 99 percent.

In this video, Tea Party Fort Lauderdale recognizes Ms. Miller and says hello. Lots of the Broward insiders are more recognizable these days. People are paying attention.

Does the 99% pick Broward Judges and School Board members? Nope.