Poll This! Who Do You Want To Run Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. How many times can you vote? I watched Goldner go from 9 to over 100 in just a couple of minutes.


  2. How about doing a poll that is placed in one of the local newspaper blogs so we have an honest account from the people in the county or district not from the people in facebook. Lets see what the true feelings of the people is really like. This may not be acceptable to some like Jojo who was upset about this. What happenned here was to show how people can rig the polls which happpened. the only reason Jojo is upset is because she got beat to the bag on this one. Lets make it honest and real and let the newspapers or real pollsters do this.


  3. Now I see Jojo and Karen Harrington once again attack people personally instead of issues. Now about ANC , American Noble Cause, it was set up by a gentleman by the name of Will Kaiser, the idea behind it was to raise funds to get housing for homeless veterans from the Viet Nam war and others. Will approached me and I came on board, I was the marketing arm of this project , later other groups and organizations took over the cause like American Legion. The idea is to help the homeless and the homeless veterans. Jojo and Karen is once again attacking the poor and the homeless because they think that they are beneath them. By the way these people consistantly vote for DWS , so if you continue down this road you will never beat DWS. I never claim I own a stadium and as far as the apartment on University dr , they went condo and after a fight we had to move because we did not want to buy into something I knew will be a failure and later on it did. Also just to let you know my current apartment is no a section 8 but in the complex of more then 527 apartments there are a few section 8 apartments in the complex. Section 8 is used as a safety net to prevent more homeless families and I support those safety nets. We need to try and help the homeless and we need to do this now!


    1. “JoJo and Karen is once again…………” ?
      I guess many a pixilated politician mix up their “r’s” with their “is’s”.
      Or as Bill Clinton once so famously stated, ” It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’, ‘is’ “.


    2. Joe, what the heck are you talking about? You are the one attacking others and that is ALL that you do. All I did here was to question the ability of voting over and over for the same person, problem which since has been fixed. I didn’t mention anyone. But you reacted to my question which makes is quite interesting. WHEN have I attacked the homeless, Joe? And the veterans? I want dates, times, pictures, witnesses and the whole package. You do nothing but talk smack and I am telling you that I am sick and tired of your crap so SHUT THE HECK UP! Are you that disturbed, you have the audacity to tell me that I attack veterans? What is wrong with you, seriously? You have gone after the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party, Joe Kaufman, Karen Harrington and now you’re targeting me. I would recommend for you to thread carefully before you go on with further nonsense. There isn’t one person that have met you who is still your friend. You blocked David, the man who was there for you more than anyone else I know, because he dared question your behavior. But this is who you are and you’ve constantly proven yourself to be just that: vile, vindictive, rude, obscene and a coward. You claimed military service and I will be DAMNED if I allow you do that unless you provide proof. It is call STOLEN VALOR. If I am wrong in my doubts of your service, I will apologize. But until we see the DD214, I don’t believe it. You see, I know a real military man when I meet one and you’re ain’t it.

      And I went to that link mentioned above and you did claim partial ownership on a stadium where Jimmy Buffet just performed. Amongst other insane claims … You never changed your style of posting in years, your grammar has not improved and the post in that link mentioned above is yours.

      You also said to me, in front of others, that you will provide me your lawyer’s information where I will be able to see your DD214 and your financials. You are running for Congress, you are making claims which you cannot prove them. What you did not expect was me actually not folding and taking you up to your ruse. You’d think that by now you would know that I don’t back down and I definitely do not back down from your kind.

      Before you want any of us to trust you and your words, YOU need to change. You need to stop attacking Harrington and calling her names because you walked and rallied for her last year. You need to stop attacking Kaufman because you attended his rallies until recently. You need to stop the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party attacks because they banned you from their corner for uncovering you. Run your campaign based on what you want to do and what your qualifications are and not disgusting attacks on our real conservatives. You claim military service? PROVE IT! You claim self sufficiency? PROVE IT! It is you and your behavior that has made us all distance ourselves from you. You are running for office, you have to provide us the proof!

      Be a man, take ownership of your errors otherwise this will not end well for you. You are going after GOOD PEOPLE (like Harrington and Kaufman) and we’re simply not going to allow you to do that anymore.

      Got that?


      1. Capt Matt Bruce Radio Show Interview – There have been many inconsistencies on your interview with Karen Harrington, first she got 38% of the vote while DWS got 62% of the vote. That web site title Fire Debbie is a directly taken from Joe Goldner fundraising web site which was established in Feb. way ahead of the site she has designed just this past week. The Tea Party did very little to help her. Joe was one of the tea party leaders, she did very little last year because she refused to listen to our strategies. Karen is 46 years old, and stated, she ran her restaurant for 37 years, which makes her 9 years old when she started to run her business. By the way the unemployment in Florida state wide is 10.6% not 20 and in Broward County and District 20 is less then 10%. Her figures are wrong. Nice to see Karen Harrington using some of Joe Goldner talking points about creating the environment that is conducive in creating jobs. This is right out of Joe Goldner position page.. http://thecaptainsamerica.podomatic.com/entry/2011-07-25T18_22_50-07_00

        Have Karen explain how she ran a restaurant at the age of 9, Karen is 46 years old, and stated, she ran her restaurant for 37 years, which makes her 9 years old when she started to run her business. Child Labor Laws….

        Karen even copies Joe Goldner on design, she has no originality, no ideas, she copies and copies and copies just like fire debbie, because she cannot think on her own, she is no leader just a follower, you do not need Karen since she follows Joe Goldner. Remember he posted Capt Matt and Tom Garcia logo, background interviews, look she does the same…And mingling last years campaign with this years, I am waiting for the wing sauce, if the wind is up she follows the wind, has no ethics, has no principles, but great at copying other candidates, Karen think for yourself. By the way I come to find out her surrogate JoJo doesn’t like poor people or homeless veterans, elitist, I thought you as a Congress person was suppose to represent all the people, I guess not with Karen Harrington campaign.


  4. I’ve been looking in every list of military support organizations, Google, Florida organization sites, etc. I can’t find anything called American Noble Cause OR Will Kaiser. I’ve worked with several organizations that help homeless veterans, and I’ve never heard of the ANC. Are you sure that’s the name? I’d love to find out more about them.


  5. Joe, you mentioned that JoJo and Karen don’t support homeless veterans. Are you aware of how much JoJo does for both veterans and active duty military? Last Thurs. night, we welcomed home a Marine at the airport – JoJo was the organizer and both Joe Kaufman and Karen Harrington were there. Adam Hasner was there. Angela West was there representing her husband, Congressman Allen West. Where were you?


  6. Have Karen explain how she ran a restaurant at the age of 9, Karen is 46 years old, and stated, she ran her restaurant for 37 years, which makes her 9 years old when she started to run her business. Child Labor Laws….


  7. Gayle, if she used her Amex for campaign expenses, she can certainly reimburse herself for these expenses .. so I continue to laugh at you guys … you continue to attack Harrington and you guys have yet to release any documents on yourselves .. how about that, Gayle (Moshe is a nice Hebrew name but you’re not fooling anyone)… he said to me he would give me his lawyer’s info and I can see all that at his office … still waiting …

    Seriously, I am beyond being bored now … and you’re wasting my time ..


  8. With all the name calling on all sides makes us look like immature babies. This must stop! I got the best idea of them all, lets go to the district, the people and get them to find out more about each candidate , their positions, not their personal life but actually what they will do to improve the conditions for evey single person in the district and the country no matter what their race, their sexual orientation, their financial status and their religious believes. Can we all be civil and focus on that. Can Joe Kaufman and Karen Harrington take that pledge? It is time to concentrate on the campsign, focus on the issues that the people really want to hear such as medicare, social security, jobs and the economy, the debt ceiling, Israel and what you can do for me and all this garbage on this board. That is what we should be concentrating. Is that fair enough for you?


  9. I have to just laugh at this…it is that ridiculous. Joe, I don’t know what PLANET you are living on, but you say you want to address the issues..THAT’S WHAT KAREN HARRINGTON AND JOE KAUFMAN DO!! They did it yet again at the Broward Tea Party rally last Saturday..and WHERE WERE YOU Joe?? I want to know HOW MANY PEOPLE, living breathing American citizens, even of any age, attend your events. I want to know when was the last PUBLIC event that you attended and addressed THE PEOPLE in. You say you will not engage with BREC, or any of the CLUBS, and i guess now that includes Tea Party events…so just who WILL you engage, Joe?? Just how will you get your plan, your position on the various issues that concern Distr. 20 folks OUT THERE! Joe, I spoke to you and appealed to you on a personal level at the start of this, asking you to please not water down our efforts to defeat DWS. You chose to ignore me. I dismissed you knowing no one will take you seriously once they HEAR YOU SPEAK. But you choose to continue, and try to put out efforts like this TO DECEIVE THE PEOPLE!! I challenge you to appear at the next public event and speak PUBLICLY..before real people.. in the same stage and venue as Karen Harrington and Joe Kaufman. DO THAT, and see if you have the audacity to continue this game you insist on playing after that.


  10. Last Night I was at a Hollywood Chamber meeting, and I over heard Eleanor Sobel saying to another person,, or impling that Joe Kaufman is getting his support from Debbie Wasserman to help defeat Karen Harrington. I heard her say, she better watch out. .


  11. Joe Goldner, YOU are the only one who does the attacking so the only one who needs to sign the so called pledge. But adults don’t make up signed promises, they actually behave like adults. I call on you, here in the open, once more, since you accused me and Harrington of attacking the homeless and the vets, to provide proof. That is actually reason for both Karen and I to slap you with a defamation suit. And I am actually considering quite seriously and I will consult my lawyer (something which you lied about having, while threatening me on a FB post) and follow through this. I have warned you to STOP the insanity and stop attacking people and then accusing them of doing that. You are NOT a conservative. You are NOT a Republican. We know that but since you insist to be a punk, we are going to now make public “the real Joe Goldner”. People need to know who you are so they think twice about sending you your money. You make FALSE claims and people are sending you money based on that. That is ripping them off, Goldner. You are actually ripping off people. Someone on SharkTank suggested for an FEC audit and I will file an official complaint with the FEC and let them audit your campaign financials and let the chips fall wherever they may. Actions and consequences, Joe. You poke the sleeping beast and now you’re going to have to deal with it. I drew the line when you have the audacity to accuse me of attacking, of all people, homeless vets. Both you and Moshe aka Gayle, your significant other, are now going to have to deal with that.

    You claim military service and a bunch of other stuff. You have until August 15th to provide proof (which will be verified) by giving us your DD214, copy of your financials, rental agreement and name and location of your employment. We have the same info on Harrington and Kaufman, we need yours because we simply do NOT believe you. You are hurting the movement. And incidentally, not sure what you keep smoking thinking you are actually a tea party leader. You’ve been banned and every group and person that has known you has disassociated themselves from you. You claim you were a spy with security clearance and that you were the maverick of all those brilliant marketing campaigns for major brand names. You claimed 1/4 ownership on a stadium. All those claims are documented on the link provided by the first poster on the page. WE, THE PEOPLE, are telling you ENOUGH. Enough with the attacks and the lies and the pretenses and ripping off people thinking they actually donate to a trustworthy candidate. ENOUGH!

    Failure to provide the documents by the deadline of August 15th will be followed by full newspaper ads (which I will pay for them out of my own pocket) asking you to disclose the info and shots of your claims of the above.

    Attacking good people like Harrington and Kaufman and hurting the conservative movement has come to an en end because we’re telling you, loudly, that we’re simply not going to allow you to do that anymore. Continue at your own peril. This is the result of your own behavior and actions and time has come where we’re going to hold you responsible.


  12. Joe Goldner, I can’t stay silent anymore!
    First things first..this is not pleasant for me, I have spent the last 30 years as an entertainer with the main goal of making everyone happy..this does not make me happy, nor will it make Joe happy, but I can’t stay silent anymore about what I have witnessed and researched..

    Joe Goldner, I befriended you a couple of years ago when you showed up at Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party on a Saturday. I remember the first week I was going home and saw you sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus..I kept going..the next week I gave you a ride..and continued to for more than a year and a half, to both Ft Laud and Sunrise Tea Party, which you wanted to start (good for you!) I SUPPLIED everything, the signs, the flags..everything..I never asked for a penny and never got one…I gave you rides to hospitals and schools for your kid..

    We went to many different events together, You walked for Karen Harrington, supported and attended events for Joe Kaufman and Americans Against Hate, and the Tea Party, and I drove you to all of them!

    When you had decided to run for Congress you wouldn’t even tell me in advance (even tho I knew thru the grapevine) that you were going to, and I KNEW why, Joe…because (as YOU well know) I don’t beat around the bush and I call it like it is, and you were afraid of that.

    I also told you I hate politics, have never followed politics (which is a big downfall of mine, one I have been making up for since the first tea party there ever was..yup I was there, and have only missed six since its’ inception…payin my dues ya might say), but I’m not dumb..which gives me a huge different perspective on what I see, and….

    I do know what I look for in a Leader, and that’s where we go now…

    A T T A C K D O G J O E …That’s all I’ve seen since you started you bid against DWS..I hate her too, but you’re not the one to take her down by sitting in front of your monitor..

    DO YOU REALLY THINK sitting in front of your computer screen all night long asking for donations to your campaign is what it takes?

    Do you really think posting on Craigslist week after week using different aliases promoting yourself and slamming everyone is what ANYONE wants from a Congressman?

    Transparancy? Where is it when we don’t even know who Joe Goldner really is?

    I’ve seen it all, I followed the whole ordeal! In Fact, I am a BIG fan of research, and I did research on you and YES, I’m the one who came up with all the info JoJo posted earlier…

    Joe, it’s time to man up, buddy!

    You slam everyone who opposes you, you hide behind your computer and beg for money for your campaign, but WHERE ARE YOU??

    So many events have passed and you continue to sit behind the screen! You screamed for a debate? Where is it? (Don’t blame Patrick) You support the Troops…SHOW IT!

    Your multiple personalities in your posts DON’T FOOL ANYONE!



    THE POLL: YOU SAID: “What happened here here was to show how people can rig the polls which happened”…SO YOU ADMIT YOU VOTED FOR YOURSELF 200 TIMES!…see where I’m coming from Joe…you got caught!



    I won’t be upset by your response to this because I really don’t care, you’ve slammed EVERYONE who has seen through your charade, I expect you to slam me too..Jack, Danita, JoJo, Karen, Joe K and now DAVE…you’ll tell me I’m in cahoots with JoJo…not so, but you know Joe, When JoJo asked for nothing more than proof from a congressman wannabe, you thought it was ok to call JoJo out on personal issues… well, you crossed the line for me..remember? I posted 4 words…that wasn’t cool Joe…all of a sudden, the post was deleted and you were gone as my FB friend…truth hurts, huh? Everything JoJo has posted has been warranted and the truth, dude!

    Conduct unbefitting of a Congressman..fits you well!

    change your slogan to: A vote for Goldner is a vote for DWS…

    You have shown how vile you can be over and over again!

    Sorry Joe, but the truth hurts and does come back to bite you in the butt..

    You have nothing to show..you need to go!

    This will be the last I comment on this…no response needed. Eat your peas.

    David Van Ness


    1. Here we go, another of Joe Goldner’s multiple profiles posting here. Hey, Joe, you’ve used the “Debbie Downer” term too many times. I wish Red Broward would not allow posting from fake profiles, originating from the same IP.


      1. RB, thank God for the library and dynamic IPs.

        It doesn’t matter, Goldner and significant other can change their names all they want, the posting style stays the same and we can point them out blindfolded, out in a crowd .. they’re definitely not at the level of the talented Mr. Ripley …


  13. Where are the Harrington people? Karen has never been number one. Do I have to rethink my choice? Geez


    1. You clearly never had her as a choice ..

      Dumb and dumber keep posting here .. Cowardly hiding under pseudonyms … I do have to admire the fact that you’re trying to trick some of us by not going against Kaufman this time ..


  14. Karen is our best hope. Last time Karen got 39 percent of the vote. Next year she will do better. Joe Kaufman is a nice guy. I am worried he wont get more than 26 percent


  15. Who the heck is that guy Jojo. Your very mean. My family has eaten at Rickeys for years. They are very hardworking. Karen is a moderate Republican like lemuex. We need moderates in goverment. Wasserman is to extreme


  16. Let’s not forget this poll was tainted by Joe Goldner, who admitted he did multiple votes: JOE GOLDNER: “How about doing a poll that is placed in one of the local newspaper blogs so we have an honest account from the people in the county or district not from the people in facebook. Lets see what the true feelings of the people is really like. This may not be acceptable to some like Jojo who was upset about this. What happenned here was to show how people can rig the polls which happpened. the only reason Jojo is upset is because she got beat to the bag on this one. Lets make it honest and real and let the newspapers or real pollsters do this.”
    So Joe said it himself that he came in dead last…thanks for the clarification and the transparancy, Mr. Goldner!


  17. what i don’t get is…
    if allen west is such a tough guy, why won’t he face dws by running in the district that he actually lives in?


    1. Perhaps:
      1) West gets political advice from Robert Wexler, or

      2) West sees that Debbie Wasserman Schultz lives in her district but does nothing for people of her district and he decided to do the opposite.

      Either way, West makes one heck of an “impact”, no?


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