Broward GOP Sore Loser Runs Crying To Liberal Media

Lauren Cooley, the 23 year old musician who lost her bid to become chair of the Broward Republican Party (BREC), ran crying to the liberal media to complain about her defeat. In a New Times article, Cooley once again demonstrates her skill at self-promotion. The article, published Friday, comes nearly two weeks after Cooley lost […]

Broward GOP Chair Candidate’s Social Media #EPICFAIL

Lauren Cooley, a 23 year old Fort Lauderdale musician, thinks her social media prowess makes her the logical choice to be the next chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). In a weekend email to Broward Republicans, Cooley claimed she has a, “Personal social media reach of over a quarter-million on Twitter each month.” […]

Lake Worth City Commissioner Heckles Newt Gingrich at Broward Rally (VIDEO)

Cara Jennings was the set-up heckler at today’s Newt Gingrich rally in Coral Springs. Ms. Jennings was a Lake Worth (FL) city commissioner. Jennings was escorted out of the crowd by police. According to police sources, She admitted she was “putting on a show”. It’s odd she was next to media and trackers when she […]