Damara Holness Thanks Local Politicians For Support Following Her Arrest On Felony Charge

Damara Holness

Damara Holness thanked elected officials and community leaders for their support in a video statement released on social media. Holness, the daughter of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, was arrested last week after the US Attorney filed a felony conspiracy to commit wire fraud charge against her. Federal law enforcement alleges Damara Holness entered into a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain a pandemic Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.

During the video, Holness flashes screenshots of social media posts. While she doesn’t name the politicians, one post was made by Lauderhill City Commissioner Sarai “Ray” Martin.

Damara Holness did not mention her father.


Tamarac Commissioner Says Shooting Of Police Officer is “Karma,” Shares Anti-Cop Social Media Posts of Louis Farrakhan Fan

Mike Gelin’s Instagram

Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin’s controversial encounter with a Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy appears to have radicalized his view of all law enforcement officers. Last September, Tamarac made national headlines when Gelin berated BSO deputy Joshua Gallardo at a city awards ceremony. The Washington Post reported the stunning confrontation:

As other elected officials stood by, frozen in disbelief, Gelin tore into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy, interrupting the nonpartisan commission’s Wednesday morning meeting with what may go down as the most awkward 30 seconds in the South Florida city’s history.
‘You probably don’t remember me, but you’re the police officer who falsely arrested me four years ago,’ he told Gallardo, who nodded silently, still clutching his award. ‘You lied on the police report. I believe you’re a rogue police officer, you’re a bad police officer and you don’t deserve to be here.’”

In March, Gelin hosted a “Cops & Community Forum” to create a dialogue between police and residents. Speaking with CBS 4, Gelin said, “We’re gonna understand the fear, the anxiety, the stress, the trauma that these police officers have when they encounter a situation and they need to walk away understanding how we feel when we encounter them.” He said he wanted to find “ways to build trust between the community and law enforcement.”

Judging by his recent social media posts, Gelin still has not found ways to build trust.


On May 31, Mike Gelin shared an Instagram post by filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz, a supporter of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. The post purported to identify undercover police officers attending protests following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Instagram post by Mike Gelin

Gelin also shared Shabazz’s conspiracy theory on the post. Shabazz wrote, “Family be careful out here when protesting. In the 60’s the FBI and CIA used our Black folks to infiltrate the ranks of every Black organization. Now that y’all want to integrate with so-called allies, the cops are there to see your every move and oftentimes instigating the situations.”

In another posts, Shabazz calls Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden “Jim Crow Joe.” He wrote Biden “admits to being a Zionist.”

“Jim Crow Joe”

Gelin commented on a post by activist Shaun King regarding the shooting of a police officer. The police officer was accused of threatening King in a Facebook post. Of the wounded officer, Gelin wrote, “Karma is a.” Another King follower responded with “gun?”

Do Tamarac voters want leaders whose disdain for law enforcement leads them to fans of Louis Farrakhan?

Gelin wanted a vote against “white supremacy” but what is his view of Farrakhan’s views of Jewish people?

Should Tamarac Commissioners celebrate the shooting of anyone including police?

Broward GOP Chair Candidate’s Social Media #EPICFAIL

cooleyLauren Cooley, a 23 year old Fort Lauderdale musician, thinks her social media prowess makes her the logical choice to be the next chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). In a weekend email to Broward Republicans, Cooley claimed she has a, “Personal social media reach of over a quarter-million on Twitter each month.” The claim sounds impressive, but a review of Cooley’s social media accounts and her personal website shows she barely mentions the Broward Republican Party.

In her email, Cooley boasted she had 26,000 Twitter followers. On Twitter, your followers receive messages you send via the social media application. On October 13, Cooley announced her campaign for BREC chair. Since then, Cooley has sent out just 28 tweets. Only one, a Sun-Sentinel article, mentioned the Broward Republican party. Only two more tweets were even related to Broward county.

The rest of Cooley’s tweets mentioned the Democratic Party debates, promoting Lifezette, Starbucks, lousy customer service at FEDEX, the Women Impacting the Nation (WIN) meeting in Palm Beach, Happy “Back To The Future Day,” and Donald Trump’s visit to Doral.

Not even a lousy tweet to attend tonight’s BREC election in Plantation.

Perhaps Cooley realizes the vast majority of her Twitter followers do not know what “Broward” means. A review of her followers shows hundreds and hundreds of fake Twitter accounts and accounts used to buy Twitter followers.

Among Cooley’s fake Twitter followers: Amar Singh from “sector 24 Faridabad,” Kahikilani Grant, Calefornya Girls, Vibes With BAE, Sarowar Parvej, Gilgamesh Nabeel, 145,000+, MrzPeachezPleasurez and Mr. Puppy. It’s safe bet most of these folks are not BREC members. At least not yet.

Cooley’s personal website, laurencooley.com, has no mentions of her BREC campaign. No mention on the “home” tab. No mention on the “about Lauren” tab. No mention on the “journalism” tab. No mention on the “speaking” tab. No mention on the “consulting,” “CV/resume,” or “contact” tabs.

BREC doesn’t get much love on Cooley’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Cooley announced her BREC campaign on both social media accounts on October 13. Since the announcement, Cooley has posted pictures just 3 times on Instagram: a picture at Starbucks, a picture promoting the Palm Beach WIN meeting and a picture of bacon and eggs. Cooley has just 313 followers on Instagram.

On Facebook, Cooley has made 14 posts since her October 13th announcement. She posted her bacon and eggs picture, a Lifezette article she authored, a WIN meeting post, 7 posts regarding Leadership Institute activities at FAU and the University of Miami and a post from the Donald Trump rally in Doral.

Cooley did post the recent Sun-Sentinel article on the BREC election.

Despite touting herself as a millennial social media guru, Cooley’s social media accounts seem better suited to an 80 year-old BREC member.

Too much self promotion, Not enough action. BREC needs better.