Marjory Stoneman Douglas Teachers Angry Over News School Administrators To Be Transferred

According to a source, Marjory Stoneman Douglas teachers may walk out of class this week over news that three school administrators were to be transferred. The transfer of Assistant Principal Jeff Morford, Winifred Porter and Denise Reed comes in the wake of MSD commission testimony claiming students warned Morford and others about Nikolas Cruz. No word if students will join the teachers in any potential protest. The source said Principal Ty Thompson was not being transferred.

FLL Airport Shooter: Esteban Santiago Ruiz

The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport shooter has been identified as Esteban Santiago Ruiz. According to NBC News in New York, his family has identified this picture as Ruiz. Five victims were killed in the shooting at the terminal 2 baggage claim area. The picture below was posted online but cannot be verified as the suspect.

A passenger snapped the picture below of police taking Esteban Santiago Ruiz into custody.

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