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Socialist Group Admits Joe Kimok Endorsement Is A “Tactic” To Abolish Broward State Attorney’s Office

Why do Dream Defenders Love Stalin, Mao, and Kimok?

When not urging followers to read books by Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin or Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong, the radical Dream Defenders group wants to remake State Attorney Offices all across the United States. Backed by liberal groups and supporters like George Soros, radical prosecutors have taken over in San Francisco, New York, and St. Louis. Now, Dream Defenders want to remake the Broward State Attorneys Office with the goal of destroying the office.

Since late May, a coalition of radical activists including Broward Dream Defenders and Broward Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organized local protests under the Black Lives Matter. Now, with the August election fast approaching, Broward Dream Defenders want supporters to vote for radical Broward State Attorney candidate Joe Kimok in the Democrat primary.

Last year, REDBROWARD exposed Joe Kimok’s radical ideas like legalization of sex work and the legalization of all drugs including heroin. During a November 2019 candidate forum, Kimok said drug users “shouldn’t spend any amount” of jail time. Declaring the War On Drugs is a “War on People,” Kimok said any “real discussion” of criminal justice reforms requires talking about “decriminalizing crack, heroin and meth.”

Kimok did not stop with drugs. An audience member asked whether the candidates favored the legalization of “sex work.” Kimok said he did favor legalization.

“[Criminalizing sex work] makes the lives of the workers-that decide to do this-more dangerous, more unhealthy,” Kimok said. “And makes them more likely to be a victim of human trafficking.”

Kimok said, “By driving [sex work] underground, it opens it up to these workers being, uh uh uh uh, selected based on their race, if transgender and without any public safety benefit.”

A few weeks later REDBROWARD revealed more of Kimok’s stunning views on criminal reform. In a Facebook post, Kimok said feeling safe means “being safe from violence and being safe from police and the [criminal justice] system.”

Kimok promised to “stop charging ‘quality of life’ and poverty based crimes. Is this similar to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments about rioters are just mothers stealing bread to feed their kids?

The average Broward voter may think such radical views are disqualifying for a State Attorney, but the Dream Defenders love it.

The Dream Defenders gave Joe Kimok an A- on their endorsement report card.

Joe Kimok’s radical views get high marks

Dream Defenders gave Joe Kimok an A- on his agenda to “end the war on poverty” which includes decriminalization of sex work, homelessness and drugs. Kimok got an A- for his views on “decarcerate and expand alternatives” to jail which include lowering jail population and ending prosecution of “low-level offenses.”

Joe Kimok received A- grades for his views to “protect immigrant communities” and “transparency and accountability.” His lowest score, a B- grade was given for his “let kids be kids” views. Dream Defenders thinks Joe Kimok should stop charging children and close all youth jails.


You may think these are the usual left-wing goals of a radical group seeking a seat at the table. According to the Broward Dream Defenders leadership, you would be wrong. The group does not want a seat at the table. Their long-term goal is the destruction of the table and all its chairs.

On a conference call earlier this month, Quayneshia Smith reiterated that Dream Defenders was an abolitionist group. Smith said their endorsement in the State Attorney race does not conflict with their goals to abolish prisons and police departments though the “defund the police” movement.

Smith said:

To make it clear…we’re abolitionists. Our goal with endorsing [Joe Kimok] is a tactic. The goal…the long-term goal for us is to not have a State Attorney’s Office. That’s the goal. If we don’t have a State Attorney’s Office people are not getting locked up. People are not getting arrested, right?

Can Broward County survive without a State Attorney?

Do Democrat voters want to turn Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines into mini-San Franciscos?

Perhaps all the prosecutors and support staff at Broward SAO should polish up their resumes?

Pro-Sarahnell Murphy For Broward State Attorney PAC Heavily Funded By Company Linked To Ponzi Scheme Cases

A Tallahassee-based political committee supporting Broward State Attorney candidate Sarahnell Murphy received $110,000 in contributions from a company tied to Ponzi schemes. Last week, Broward Democrat voters received pro-Murphy mailers from the Victims Have Rights committee. Murphy is seeking the Democrat nomination to replace longtime Broward State Attorney Michael Satz.

According to official campaign records, the Victims Have Rights Committee is chaired by lobbyist Foyt Ralston. On June 24, 2020, Victims Have Rights received a $25,000 contribution from International Payout Systems, Inc of Fort Lauderdale. The company is better known as “I-Payout.”

In July, International Payout Systems, Inc. gave two contributions totaling $55,000 to the Victims Have Rights committee. Another $30,000 contribution was made by Integrated Data Technology, a company with the same address as I-Payout.

The only other major contribution to the Victims Have Right political committee came from the candidate herself. On March, 10, 2020, Sarahnell Murphy gave $10,000 to Victims Have Rights.


In 2014, Canadian authorities arrested Nicholas Smirnow on numerous charges involving a $70 million dollar Ponzi scheme:

In 2010 it was reported that Nicholas Smirnow, who was also a resident of Florida, was facing a total of 10 fraud and conspiracy charges in the United States.

The United States Attorney General’s office alleges the accused, through the online company Pathway-2-Prosperity, also known as the P2P Network, promised annual rates of return in some cases as high as 17,000 per cent with little risk.
While some people made money, most investors lost everything, according to a press release. The alleged value of the Ponzi scheme was $70 million.

According to published reports, Smirnow’s victims numbered more than 40,000 people from 46 states:

Those investors, including people in Missouri, almost half of the counties in southern Illinois and 46 other states, were lured in by a website that promised returns of 500 percent to 700 percent or more in the “Pathway to Prosperity.” The website cited the investment savvy of a mysterious figure who was offering opportunities long denied the “common man.”

But, prosecutors say, investors were never told that the man running the investment was a convicted burglar, robber and drug dealer who told a former employee that he was involved in a double homicide.

A 2010 affidavit from a U.S. Postal Inspector details the role I-Payout played in Smirnow’s scheme:

International Payout Systems, which was located in Florida, provided the infrastructure necessary for P-2P Energy, Ltd. to operate. Solid Trust Pay and International Payout Systems provided spread sheets which identify deposits and withdrawals from the accounts ofP-2-P and P-2-P’s customers.

In 2015, a Federal class action suit was brought by victims of an Internet telephone based Ponzi scheme:

Internet phone company TelexFree ran a $1 billion Ponzi scam based on “mindless spamming” by people it “ostensibly paid” to recruit new suckers, a member claims in a federal class action.
Lead plaintiff Rita Dos Santos, of Massachusetts, claims she lost $350,000 to “TelexFree’s pyramid scheme.”
She sued TelexElectric and Telex Mobile Holdings on Wednesday, and a slew of banks, attorneys and others, including 13 top officers and promoters. Many of the individual defendants in the 244-page lawsuit are sued at their “last known address.”
TelexFree Inc., TelexFree LLC and TelexFree Financial (of Massachusetts, Las Vegas and Florida) are not named as defendants because they are in bankruptcy.

One of the named defendants was International Payout Systems, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale.

In the complaint, the defendants alleged International Payout Systems (IPS) performed a legally required background check of TelexFree which, “discovered indicia of fraud, illegality, and red flags. Despite this knowledge, and despite having a history of being involved in past Ponzi Schemes, IPS took on TelexFree as a customer.”

The lawsuit alleges I-Payout “held as much as $31,640,92,000 in assets.

In 2013, I-Payout attempted to defend its role in the TelexFree matter in emails to a financial watchdog website. I-Payout claimed to have performed its “due diligence” into the company. The financial watchdogs were not impressed:

Affiliate investors across America are dumping their life savings into TelexFree on the expectation of a $20 a week ROI paid out for every $289 invested with the company. But i-Payout would have you believe TelexFree is wholly compliant because they had a few beers with the owners down at their Massachusetts virtual office space.

Sounds bulletproof to me.

International Payout Systems, Inc. was never charged with any crime for its role with Nicholas Smirnow or TelexFree.


REDBROWARD wanted ask I-Payout CEO Edwin Gonzalez about his company’s $110,000 contribution to support Sarahnell Murphy. “I have no clue how you got my cellphone number,” Gonzalez said. At first, Gonzalez claimed to have no knowledge about the contributions.

“I will have to ask my finance department about it and get back to you,” he said.

This reporter asked if he knew Sarahnell Murphy or her husband, Richard Merlino and why he was interested in the Broward State Attorney’s race. Gonazalez refused to answer the simple questions.

Gonzalez refused to say whether someone instructed him to make the huge contributions to the Victims Have Rights committee.

Gonzalez said, “I have no clue who you are. You say you’re a reporter, but for all I know you could be a hitman!”

According to Sarahnell Murphy’s official campaign finance reports, Edwin Gonzalez is well aware of Murphy. On June 18, 2020, Gonzalez gave a $1,000 personal contribution to Sarahnell Murphy. On the same day, I-Payout gave another $1,000 directly to Sarahnell Murphy’s campaign.

Edwin Gonzalez, courtesy WSVN

Sarahnell Murphy told REDBROWARD she would comment after working hours at the Broward State Attorney’s Office. We will update story if Murphy does respond.

Why does a Broward State Attorney candidate need $110,000 from a controversial company? That amount will buy more than a mailer or two. Is I-Payout funding a TV advertising blitz for Sarahnell Murphy?

Broward State Attorney Michael Satz with Sarahnell Murphy