Broward State Attorney Candidate Says Decriminalize Meth, Crack & Sex Work

If Joe Biden thinks marijuana is a gateway drug, he may want to steer clear of Broward County. At a Plantation Democratic Club debate last week, the candidates for Broward State Attorney fielded a question about marijuana use. Six of the seven candidates delivered variations of the fashionable “civil-citation-small-amounts-no-jail” answer. But self described “progressive” candidate went further. Way further.

The audience seemed stunned when Joseph Kimok said there must be a discussion regarding the decriminalization of hard drugs.

Kimok said drug users “shouldn’t spend any amount” of jail time. Declaring the War On Drugs is a “War on People,” Kimok said any “real discussion” of criminal justice reforms requires talking about “decriminalizing crack, heroin and meth.”

Kimok did not stop with drugs. An audience member asked whether the candidates favored the legalization of “sex work.” Kimok said he did favor legalization.

“[Criminalizing sex work] makes the lives of the workers-that decide to do this-more dangerous, more unhealthy,” Kimok said. “And makes them more likely to be a victim of human trafficking.”

Kimok said, “By driving [sex work] underground, it opens it up to these workers being, uh uh uh uh, selected based on their race, if transgender and without any public safety benefit.” Um, ok.

Remember, Joseph Kimok wants to be the Broward State Attorney, not the Public Defender. The State Attorney prosecutes crimes. The State Attorney charges and tries criminals in the name of victims and the community.

From his answers, it is likely Joseph Kimok would prefer to keep Broward jail cells empty.


Stay tuned…

Joseph Kimok

2 thoughts on “Broward State Attorney Candidate Says Decriminalize Meth, Crack & Sex Work

  1. Jerome McCollom

    Good, a job of a prosecutor is not just to lock people up, it’s to do Justice and this is a man who sees the problem of the drug war. It may be shocking, but that is because politicians are cowards and afraid to take controversial stands.


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