South FL Marxist To-Do List: Read Book By Stalin, Attend Anti-Israel “Day Of Rage” & Abolish Police and The Broward State Attorney

Emboldened by a month of protests across the Country, the local leaders of the Dream Defenders have revealed their true socialist agenda in a series of social media posts. Broward Dream Defenders, (and its Miami affiliate), along with the Broward Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organized the May 31st protest in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Juneteenth rallies and other Black Lives Matter protests across Broward. Now, they are sharing their true agenda with new followers.

Last month, Joseph Martinez, the Wisconsin-born leader of Miami Dream Defenders, was labeled by local media as the “activist” behind protests in Miami. On June 11, Martinez and six others were arrested after vandalizing a statue of Christopher Columbus in Miami. In 2015, Martinez was arrested for blocking a street near Marquette University in Milwaukee.

Perhaps hoping to train the next generation of protestors, Martinez urged his social media followers to read “Anarchism or Socialism” by Josef Stalin.

Yep, that Joe Stalin.

Joseph Martinez

In another post, Martinez showed off his reading material at the local coffeehouse—a book about everyone’s commie favorite, Che Guevara


Last week, Broward Dream Defenders and the Broward DSA invited followers to another Fort Lauderdale protest. But this one had nothing to do with George Floyd or Black Lives Matters.

The July 5th “Day of Rage” was an international day of protest against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The official flyer for the Day of Rage featured a masked Antifada member hurling rocks at Israelis.

Larger protests in New York and Toronto drew virulent anti-Semitic messages.

On Wednesday night, Broward Dream Defenders and Broward DSA conducted an webinar to explaining the meaning of “Defund the Police.” While apologists tried to claim “defund the police” did not mean the disbanding of police departments, Broward Dream Defenders leader Quayneshia Smith set the record straight.

Smith clearly stated the goal of “defund the police” is the abolition of the police. Smith said she also favors the abolition of prisons. No defunding, no cutting of programs, but the total abolition.

Smith said they also seek the abolition of the State Attorney’s office because nobody can go to jail if there is no State Attorney.

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