Occupy Fort Lauderdale: No Booze, Jazz Hands and Allen West Haiting Broward Democrats Leading Lame Chants!

Check out these videos of the “Occupy Fort Lauderdale” rally on Saturday. The first creepy video calls it the start of the “American Autumn” a reference to the “Arab Spring” revolutions in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. It says there will be a demonstration of the universal signal known “lovingly as Jazz Hands”?!?!

Another video shows some folks from the leadership of the Broward Democrat party leading protestors in another lousy chant. Surprise! Please note: this video was posted on YouTube by Michael Rajner. Mr. Ranjer lead a recent protest against Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation)


Van Jones & George Soros’ “American Dream”: Nightmare Coming To Broward


MoveOn.org, George Soros and Van Jones have concocted another scheme to duplicate the genuine grassroots success of the Tea Party Movement.

Their latest bit of AstroTurf, dubbed “AMERICAN DREAM” is coming to your town soon. MoveOn is emailing members asking asking them to host house parties in July:

“On July 16 and 17 we’re organizing American Dream house meetings to shape the Contract and set our priorities. Our goal is to have at least one meeting in each of the 435 congressional districts and we’re still looking for people to host meetings in Fort Lauderdale.”

“Our goal is to create a Contract that calls for concrete changes based on the principles that bind us together as progressives, and as neighbors and friends. The Contract will provide a common foundation for progressive campaigning across issues—from local budget fights to national efforts to protect and expand Medicare and Social Security.

We’ll use it to show the media that we’re all working together like never before—and we’ll use it to hold our politicians accountable for helping to create an economy that works for all of us.

Like our movement itself, we’re building the Contract from the ground up. First, we’ll harness the power of the Internet to get as many great ideas as possible. Then, on July 16 and 17, we’ll gather in living rooms, church basements, and community centers to go deeper. We’ll share stories, have real discussions, and together help craft the Contract for the American Dream.

But none of this is going to happen unless people like you step forward to host a meeting to shape the Contract and help our movement grow.

Can you help by hosting in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, I can host!

Thanks for all you do.”

See you there!