We told you the rules were changing in Broward County. Some of your old friends, allies and benefactors are scrambling to make deals to save their own skins. Sure, you may blame sub-par fundraising efforts on the poor economy, but think again. The people of Broward are wising up.

So, in the same spirit, here are some other changes coming your way.

The money you give politicians and candidates is public record. If you support one of the ethically-challenged politicos don’t expect to hide in the shadows. You support whomever you choose; Just don’t be surprised if you have to explain your choice to your friends, family and neighbors.

This year, you will have to choose a side.

Also, several politicos employ flunkies which provide cover for them. They muddy the water in the hopes you tune out all of the voices working for change in Broward County. You can support them. You can cooperate with them. You can provide them with money and material. Just don’t coming looking for help when they turn their backs on you.

This year, you will have to choose a side.

Finally, enough of the “I’m a good guy just using the bad guys” excuse. Our mothers taught us long ago about the quality of the company we keep. Too many people are doing the right thing. Sometimes all alone. Sometimes under real pressure and threat. You don’t get a free pass because you want to use the system. We know all about these “good guys”; They win with the bad guys help and then immediately start worrying about the next election.

Oh, your party affiliation won’t be your shield. We know all about those who employ the same tactics and tacticians as the well-connected political class. Secrets don’t last forever.

This year, you will have to choose a side.

Winter Is Coming.