On Monday evening, the monthly Broward GOP meeting turned into a scene right out of Perry Mason or Law & Order. In front of several hundred Broward Republican activists, Nezar Hamze admitted that Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank blog “encouraged” him to join the Broward GOP.

Mr. Hamze, executive director of CAIR South Florida, is an outspoken critic of Congressman Allen West and U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner. He submitted an application to join the Broward Republican Executive Committee. The application asks:

Whom may we thank for referring you.

BREC Vice Chair Collen Stolberg read aloud the names on Hamze’s application. One of those names was Javier Manjarres. Mr. Manjarres, an alternate committeeman and editor of The Shark Tank blog, rushed to the front of the room to deny he recommended Hamze. BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli ask Stolberg to read the form again. She read the same names.

Then, in front of the entire audience, Hamze told Manjarres, “you’re the one that told me you believed in freedom of religion, and that I should join the BREC.”

After his role in this publicity stunt was exposed, Manjarres returned to his seat amid considerable boos and jeers from the audience.

The Committee held a vote by secret ballot on Hamze’s application for membership. De Napoli announced Hamze had been denied membership by a vote of 158 to 11.

In a videotaped interview following the meeting, Mr. Hamze told REDBROWARD.COM that Javier Manjarres did in fact “encourage” him to join the Broward GOP. Unhappy with the information going public, Mr. Manjarres chased the REDBROWARD reporter around the meeting room with his video camera. Later, in a quote in The Miami Herald, Mr. Manjarres stated, “It was a set up.”

Manjarres and Hamze have had extensive contact. Hamze’s attempt to join the Broward GOP has been the subject of numerous Shark Tank stories:

From Sept 2, 2011- “UPDATE- The Islamic Republican Club Coming To Broward County?
From Sept 12, 2011- ” Islamic Republican Club Inches Closer to Existence (UPDATE)
From Sept 15, 2011- “CAIR DIRECTOR HAMZE To Join Republican Club, Denounces Penal Aspect Of Shariah Law-Part 1
From Sept 17, 2011- “CAIR FL Director To Support Allen West’s Re-Election?
To prove Hamze’s application had been received by the Broward GOP, Manjarres produced U.S POST OFFICE tracking information provided by Hamze.

Also, Mr. Hamze appeared in previous Shark Tank stories regarding Congressman Allen West:

From February 19. 2011- “CAIR’s South Florida Chapter Executive Director Goes On The Record
From February 19, 2011- “CAIR Director Questions Allen West’s Knowledge Of Islam (VIDEO)
From February 21, 2011- “Allen West Confronted By Koran Wielding CAIR Executive (VIDEO)

Hamze and members of CAIR conducted frequent protests at Congressman Allen West events and town hall meetings. Manjarres and his Shark Tank associates were on hand to capture these publicity stunts

The interview below was conducted after the meeting was adjourned.



  1. Chad

    Tonight at the BREC meeting, Republican Committee members were subjected to a real charade, a farcical effort foisted upon the members by Javier Manjarres through his Blog. The issue was his attempt to sell BREC members the Executive Director of C.A.I.R. Florida as a credible member of the BREC. Yes, you can’t make this garbage up, the truth is as bizarre as is Javier Manjarres. This self professed savior to the Republican Party attempted to cause a riot among members who would not take kindly to the Executive Director of the Hamas affiliated local chapter of CAIR joining the Executive Committee, especially when Mr. Hamze has repeated demanded that Congressman Allen west Resign and disassociate himself from his supporters. Hamze has been an arch antagonist to Congressman Allen West and Senatorial Candidate Adam Hasner and CD 20 Candidate Joe Kaufman among other Republicans.

    Incredibly, Mr. Hamze was quoted by Javier last week as accusing that BREC was controlled by Bigots, and that Hamze was seeking to gain control! Unfortunately with such a pedigree to recommend him, Mr. Hamze was going to have difficulty selling his case to the members, members who hold sole power to accept or reject new members to the Committee. Dispite Javier paving the way for Hamze with aggressive support with four extensive blog posts complete with video interviews designed to promote Hamze’s candidacy, while attacking BREC members!

    This evening, during the acceptance procedures for new members, Mr. Hamze disclosed to 300 + members and guests that Mr. Manjarres was his sponsor and Javier had encouraged him to seek admission to the committee. Javier provided him with support and video communication to the blog’s audience.

    Javier realizing that he had just been outed by Mr. Hamze raced to the front of the room and stood within inches from Mr. Hamze denying publically the undeniable public truth. As Javier stood denying his complicity, Vice Chairman produced Hanmze’s application where Hamze stated his support by Manjarres and stated directly to Javier’s face that Javier had in fact sponsored his efforts. This was quite disheartening to the Manjarres fan in attendance to witness Javier being dressed down in front of 300 witnesses for lieing.

    The whole episode was in fact a Javier constructed gambit launched to one once again try to destabilize the BREC with his nonsense.

    In a closed ballot, Mr. Hamze was not approved for membership by 158 No votes to 11 Yea’s

    The meeting was adjourned shortly thereafter due to time over run. After the meeting Red Broward began interviewing Mr. Hamze to which Javier jumped between Red Broward Reporter and began shoving his camera in to Red Broward’s face and shouting so as to drown out Mr. Hamze’s responses. No surprise to me Javier used his sleaze tactics to prevent Hamze from making any further statements about Javier’s role in promoting Mr. Hamze’s failed attempt to infiltrate the BREC. From my vantage point of that scenario, I think the Red Broward video will be revealing for all the Manjarres fans who sat in shocked disbelief that their hero was exposed for dishonesty. Hamze attested to the entire assembly that Manjarres endorsement was factually presented. To establish fact sin support of Mr. Hamze’s claims Vice Chair and Membership director produced Mr. Hamze’s application which clearly stated that Manjarres recommended him. Javier again denied it and Mr. Hamze clearly and distinctly before the 300+ in attendance that his application clearly stated truthfully it was Javier who recommended, supported, and encouraged him to attempt admission. There in front of all the BREC Sponsor Manjarres and Sponsee Mr. Hamze were hashing out the truth which made clear Javier was trapped in his duplicity and was a liar in the bargain.


  2. A-hole

    Manjarres has gone too far on this one – he hates DeNapoli so much that he is willing to encourage the Executive Director of CAIR to join BREC just to cause problems for DeNapoli. And he doesn’t give a damn about the ramifications of having someone like this tear down Allen West. He has shown that he has put his personal interests before the party and even before Congressman West.


  3. Strange Bed Fellows

    Javier also officially endorsed Adam Hasner. You are who your friends are. Adam has also been campaigning on a pure “Slam Republicans” campaign since day one.


  4. The Conservative Diva

    My phone has been blowing up all day! This has gone viral all over Florida and beyond. The end result of this final fiasco is that people are jumping ship from supporting Hasner. Several people say they warned Hasner to stay clear of him yet he announces at P5 that Shark Tank endorsed him??!! OY VEY!


  5. Anne Galivan

    Adam Hasner is a fine conservative deserving of all our support. If Manjarres was supporting a member of CAIR he is no friend of Hasner’s. I’m sure more will be disclosed concerning what seems to be a charade orchestrated by Manjarres. I see it more as a warning concerning the love of power. Some people get it and can’t handle it…i.e. they want to continually be seen as the “big dog” or more appropriately, the “big shark.”


  6. Any Street

    The video doesn’t lie! Javier was caught RED-HANDED!

    ***this comment does not necessarily represent the views of the actual organization***


    1. JoJo Von Hohenzollern

      To the WEASEL posting under AnyStreet .. have COJONES and use your own name, you despicable POS .. If AnyStreet has anything to say about this matter, it will come directly from it’s leadership and not from someone that has NOTHING to do with AnyStreet ..

      Red, please take down the above post .. he/she is not representing AnyStreet or it’s leaders and activists .. this person represent what is left at the bottom of the sewage filter, a coward unable to post under own name ..


  7. Orlando GOP

    Typical Ambush style leftist journalism from Manjarres. Why doesn’t the RPOF do something about him? I thought they kicked him out. He does all this stuff as a publicity stunt and this time got caught. When will people like Adam Hasner wake up.


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  9. Any Street

    JoJo, how do you know I’m not another member of AnyStreet? Sheesh. Just because I don’t need Manjarres to come and attack me doesn’t mean I’m a coward for writing on a blog. He has a bad relationship with women you know.


  10. JoJo Von Hohenzollern

    Use your OWN name when posting, do not post under AnyStreet, please. You do NOT represent the entire organization. I just realized who you are now and I am sorry for calling you a POS .. but please, use a different username .. it’s just the right thing to do!


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