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City Of Tamarac Refuses To Say Who Gave Order To Pay $3,000 To Marlon Bolton Crony For Singing At Christmas Tree Lighting Event

It seems like a simple and straightforward question deserving of a simple and straightforward answer. Who told the City of Tamarac Parks and Recreation Department to hire a business associate of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton to perform at the 2021 Christmas Tree Lighting Event? Yet, for some reason, City officials and Commissioner Marlon Bolton refuse to say how Dwight M.Moment, Sr. picked up a $3,000 singing gig paid for by City of Tamarac residents.

Since 2015, Dwight M. Moment Sr., a Lauderdale Lakes pastor, has produced a “Singing Pastors” musical revue featuring local church leaders. One of the regular performers on the “Singing Pastors” bill is Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church pastor Marlon Bolton. On his church related YouTube channel, Bolton posted a video of his performance at the 2020 Singing Pastors event. Bolton has been featured prominently in Singing Pastors promotional materials since at least 2016.

REDBROWARD obtained the documents surrounding Moment’s deal with the City. On November 30, 2021, Dwight D. Moment Sr, submitted an invoice for the City of Tamarac. The invoice was for $3,000 to perform at the City sponsored 2021 Light The Night Tree Lighting event on December 2nd at Caporella Park.

On December 1, 2021, the City of Tamarac Parks and Recreation Department issued purchase order #250401 for $3,000 payable to Dwight Moment of Lauderdale Lakes. According to the purchase order, Moment would provide “entertainment for tree lighting event.”

REDBROWARD contacted Tamarac Parks and Recreation Department Director Greg Warner with questions about the deal. In an email, we asked Warner:

1. Who recommended the hiring of Dwight Moment?

2. Did anyone negotiate with Dwight Moment?

3. Has Dwight Moment performed at any City Of Tamarac events in the past?

Instead of replying to these simple questions, Greg Warner had the City Public Information Office respond to REDBROWARD.

Since the initial email was sent on Monday, February 21st, Presidents Day, Senior Strategic Communications Officer Eunicia Baker wrote that a complete response would be made the following day.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, February 22nd, REDBROWARD contacted Baker on the status of her follow up. She stated they were working on it and it would be ready on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, February 23rd at 6:00PM, Baker responded to our initial inquiry. Well, sort of.

Baker stated “The City of Tamarac contracted with Dwight Moment And Symphony for the December 2021 Tree Lighting Event at the Performer’s set price of $3,000. This group has not performed at previous City events.”

Yeah, we knew that. Which is why we asked whose brilliant idea was it to hire a this specific singer?

And we told Baker the purchase order was with an individual, Dwight Moment, not the Dwight Moment And Symphony corporation.

Once again, we asked Baker:

1. Who recommended Dwight Moment?

2. Since there was no Request For Proposals (RFP), how was Moment chosen for the job?

On Thursday February 24th at 6:27PM, Baker confirmed the City made a deal with Dwight Moment and not his corporation. Baker said, “City staff did not undergo an RFP process, as the City’s purchasing policy lists several ‘Exemptions to Formal Competition.’ Among those exemptions are ‘entertainment and entertainment-related services for City-sponsored events,’ which applies to the December 2021 tree lighting.”

Once again, Baker failed to answer who recommended Dwight Moment.

REDBROWARD immediately asked Baker for answers:

1. How did the City choose Dwight Moment?

2. Did someone recommend Moment?

3. Did any Commissioner direct staff to hire Dwight Moment?

On Friday February 25th, Baker sent this terse response:

“The City of Tamarac has no further details to provide pertaining to this matter.”

That’s it?

The City of Tamarac claims it can use taxpayer dollars to hire anyone for City-sponsored entertainment events and they don’t have to tell residents why they hired them?

We just have to take their word that the fact Dwight Moment performs regularly at paid events with Commissioner Marlon Bolton played no role in Moment landing the $3,000 gig?

REDBROWARD tried to ask Marlon Bolton about Dwight Moment during a break at last week’s Commission meeting. Bolton refused to answer.

On Monday February 28th, REDBROWARD contacted Dwight Moment. Even though Moment was busy with a family emergency, he did answer one question.

REDBROWARD asked if Marlon Bolton recommended him for the 2021 Light The Night Tree Lighting Event.

Dwight Moment said, “yes.”

Why can Dwight Moment answer the simple question?

Marlon Bolton refused to answer this question.

City officials spent an entire week avoiding this question. Officials who get paid more than $3,000 in taxpayer funds.

How many other deals were made on the recommendation of Marlon Bolton?

Don’t Tamarac residents deserve honest answers from its leaders and employees?

North Lauderdale Deputy Clerk Operates Website Shilling For Tamarac Commission Marlon Bolton

November 19, 2020 was a busy night for the North Lauderdale City Commission. While North Lauderdale is not in his district, controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness was on hand to help swear in newly-elected Commissioner Regina Martin. With their newest member seated, the Commission turned to the hiring of a new Deputy City Clerk.

For some reason, the first woman offered the job was “ghosting” the Commissioners. City Attorney Sam Goren said the woman was unresponsive to all attempts to finalize the hiring process. North Lauderdale leaders needed to decide on a process to pick a new candidate. The Mayor discussed opening up the interview process to create a new pool of candidates.

Even though she had been a City Commissioner for less than an hour, Regina Martin made a motion to hire Anthony Bonamy, the number two ranked candidate. Commissioner Samson Borgelin quickly seconded the motion. Members of the public were then welcomed to comment on the motion.

The first speaker was City of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton. But Bolton did not identify himself as a Tamarac official. Instead, Bolton stated he was the pastor at a North Lauderdale church. Why would a Tamarac Commissioner sign up to speak at a North Lauderdale Commission meeting. Bolton hinted it was related to the sign bond process controlled by the Clerk’s office.

Bolton said the deputy clerk position was “very important.” He urged the Commission to hire candidate number two “whoever that is.” He said, “number two should go forward.”

The commission did hire “number two” Anthony Bonamy as deputy city clerk for a $55,000/year salary.

Despite Bolton’s claims to not know “number two,” records show Bonamy considers Bolton a “friend.”


On his application for the deputy clerk position, Anthony Bonamy provided professional references. Bonamy listed two men, both politicians–Oscar Braynon and Marlon Bolton. Bonamy made no mention of their political resumes. He wrote Brayon was “retired.” Bonamy listed Bolton’s occupation as “faith leader.” Under “relationship,” Bonamy wrote Bolton was a “friend.”

Bonamy’s friendship with Marlon Bolton raised red flags at North Lauderdale City Hall. In December, City Clerk Elizabeth Garcia-Beckford voiced her concerns about Bonamy. She specifically mentioned his relationship with Marlon Bolton.

Garcia-Beckford told Commissioners she was concerned about Bolton being listed as a reference and the fact Bolton spoke on the matter regarding the hiring of Bonamy. Garcia-Beckford stated any clerk needs to be unbiased towards all members of the Commission. She feared Bonamy’s relationship with Bolton could jeopardize his future relationships with North Lauderdale leaders.

Bonamy’s ownership of a political consulting company was troublesome for City leaders as well. Commissioner Lorenzo Wood referenced a clause in the contract which would prohibit Anthony Bonamy from performing any political consulting work while employed by the City of North Lauderdale.


According to State of Florida records, Anthony Bonamy created “Tamarac Post Media LLC” in July 2020. Weeks later The Tamarac Post website was launched as “your source for local news, politics, entertainment, music, and fashion. We provide you with the latest breaking news and updates.” In reality, when the Tamarac Post isn’t posting news releases from the City of Tamarac public information department, it’s offering anonymous puff pieces about Dale Holness and Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

In his short time on the Tamarac City Commission, to say Marlon Bolton has been a lightning rod for controversy would be an understatement.

Earlier this month, BrowardBeat and VotersOpinion documented Bolton’s plan to make Hans Ottinot the permanent Tamarac City Attorney.

Within days of the withering take on the Bolton/Ottinot saga by Stephanie Kienzle, it was Tamarac Post to the rescue. The website copied and pasted a City of Tamarac news release touting Hans Ottinot and his law firm.

Three days later, Marlon Bolton sent an e-mail blast urging residents to read the Tamarac Post. Bolton wrote, “Visit TamaracPost.com to learn more about upcoming events around the City or click the photo below.” By clicking the photo, residents were redirected to the Tamarac Post website.


REDBROWARD asked Anthony Bonamy why his company was behind a website shilling for a Tamarac politician. While Bonamy claimed he did not “run” the website, he did admit he owned the website domain. Bonamy claimed he did not know who posted articles on the website. He said his wife was set to take over posting duties in April.

When asked about Marlon Bolton, Bonamy acted as if he never met him. He said his inclusion as a reference “caused controversy” because it was done without permission. Bonamy stated he was not friends with Bolton. According to Bonamy, he randomly picked Bolton’s name from the membership list of Black Elected Officials group.

When asked about the contractual language prohibiting work for other politicians, Bonamy said he believed the prohibition only applied to work for North Lauderdale politicians.

REDBROWARD obtained a copy of Anthony Bonamy’s employment contract. Under Section 2.7 Standard of Conduct: Ethics, Bonamy “shall not individually engage in political consulting or provide political consulting services on behalf of the firm AB Consulting Solutions, LLC, or any other political consulting firm during the term of DEPUTY CITY CLERK’S employment with CITY.” There is no language limiting this clause to work on behalf of North Lauderdale politicians.


While a majority of the Tamarac Post stories are filed under the generic “staff writer” byline, a large sample of stories do have a name attached. Dawne Richards, a Pompano Beach political activist, is the author of numerous Tamarac Post entries.

Richards told REDBROWARD a political activist told her about freelance writing opportunities at the Tamarac Post. Richards could not recall the name of the activist. Richards was unable to name anyone who recommended story ideas. She was unaware of who signed the checks for her stories. “I submit my stories and they send a check,” Richards said.

Who is behind the Tamarac Post? Who is funding the Tamarac Post?

Why does Marlon Bolton promote a phony website shilling for himself and his allies on the Tamarac Commission?

Why is Marlon Bolton so interested in the hiring process of another city?