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Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Temper Tantrum At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting; Passed Out Resolution To Recall North Lauderdale Mayor For Defying Team Bolton Candidate

Marlon Bolton At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting.
Marlon Bolton At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting.

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton threw a temper tantrum at Thursday’s North Lauderdale Commission meeting when it became clear his allies would lose a crucial vote. Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed North Lauderdale Commission applicant Carl A. Dotson voted in Pompano Beach last November. The city charter requires an applicant to be an elector in the City of North Lauderdale. Broward County voting records and Dotson’s own testimony proved he was ineligible to serve on commission.

At the start of the special meeting, Bolton reiterated his laughable endorsement of former Mayor Ana Ziadie last week. Knowing his team (Regina Martin and Luke Lewis) would lose the Dotson vote, Bolton called for the recall of North Lauderdale Mayor Samson Borgelin.

Bolton prepared copies of a resolution calling for Borgelin’s removal over the fact he backed a candidate opposed by Team Bolton.

Marlon Bolton is not satisfied with making Tamarac the laughingstock of Broward politics. Now, he is bringing his circus to a neighboring city.

Perhaps someone will start a recall petition in Tamarac?

More to come.

Broward Inspector General Finds North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin Committed Numerous Felonies, Misdemeanors During 2020 Campaign, Refers Case To Broward State Attorney

The OIG investigation substantiated the original allegation that that the candidate and treasurer used cash for a post-election campaign expenditure. During the investigation, we uncovered that before the election the campaign routinely deposited cash, and before and after the election it withdrew cash from the campaign depository, without correctly reporting the transactions and in violation of Florida law.

Commissioner Martin’s sole treasurer and campaign manager committed misconduct with Commissioner Martin as they handled and reported the campaign’s finances before and after the November 3, 2020, election, when Commissioner Martin was elected to office. These included the third-degree felonies of knowingly and willfully accepting and failing to report an excessive cash contribution and helping to make and accepting contributions made through or in the names of others.

Commissioner Martin and her campaign treasurer also committed additional criminal misconduct when they accepted an excessive cash contribution—a loan from the candidate—of more than $5,000.00; accepted a contribution received less than five days before the election; and willfully certified as true reports they knew were incorrect, incomplete, or both. The false reporting included deliberately failing to report cash contributions and falsely reporting cash contributions; overreporting contributions; underreporting an expenditure or disposition of surplus campaign funds; failing to list a corporate contributor’s name and principal type of business; failing to report the post-election return of a campaign sign bond; failing to report expenditures; and failing to identify the full name, address, or purpose of cash expenditures. Each occurrence of this activity constituted a first-degree misdemeanor.

In accordance with our charter mandate, considering the misconduct detailed above, we are referring or have referred this matter to the Broward State Attorney and the Florida Elections Commission for whatever action those agencies deem appropriate.

Broward OIG Report

An April 2021 REDBROWARD report on North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin’s lavish election night party triggered a Broward Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report which found Martin and her campaign treasurer repeatedly made unlawful deposits and withdrawals of cash from campaign accounts and committed “numerous crimes in their knowing and willful violations of other Florida campaign finance laws.” While he is not named in the report, the Broward OIG investigation documents numerous large payments Martin made to companies tied to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton. The Broward OIG referred the matter to Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor for prosecution.

On April 21, 2021 REDBROWARD reported how campaign records failed to show who paid for an “election watch party” hosted by North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin in November 2020. Martin held the party at the Grand Palace Ballroom located in a North Lauderdale strip mall. State of Florida corporate records show the Grand Palace Ballroom is owned and operated by Dorothy Borgelin, wife of North Lauderdale Commissioner Samson Borgelin.

Regina Martin’s final campaign treasurer’s report (termination report) was filed in late January. There was no listing of any payment to Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin. There is no listing for any “in-kind contribution” from Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin.