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Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Temper Tantrum At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting; Passed Out Resolution To Recall North Lauderdale Mayor For Defying Team Bolton Candidate

Marlon Bolton At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting.
Marlon Bolton At North Lauderdale Commission Meeting.

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton threw a temper tantrum at Thursday’s North Lauderdale Commission meeting when it became clear his allies would lose a crucial vote. Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed North Lauderdale Commission applicant Carl A. Dotson voted in Pompano Beach last November. The city charter requires an applicant to be an elector in the City of North Lauderdale. Broward County voting records and Dotson’s own testimony proved he was ineligible to serve on commission.

At the start of the special meeting, Bolton reiterated his laughable endorsement of former Mayor Ana Ziadie last week. Knowing his team (Regina Martin and Luke Lewis) would lose the Dotson vote, Bolton called for the recall of North Lauderdale Mayor Samson Borgelin.

Bolton prepared copies of a resolution calling for Borgelin’s removal over the fact he backed a candidate opposed by Team Bolton.

Marlon Bolton is not satisfied with making Tamarac the laughingstock of Broward politics. Now, he is bringing his circus to a neighboring city.

Perhaps someone will start a recall petition in Tamarac?

More to come.