Dan Lewis’ Political Client Mailers Share Same Mail Permit As His “Fake” Blue Card

Even though Broward Democrat consultant Dan Lewis tries to distance his clients from his “fake” endorsement card, campaign literature shows Lewis’ clients share the same US Post Office mail permit as his endorsement card. The Florida’s Democracy Project endorsement card has mail permit number 2743. Lewis has admitted being the man behind Florida’s Democracy Project […]

Dan Lewis’ Pattern Of Elections Law Violations Goes Beyond “Blue Card”

Over the weekend, Broward Democrats loudly complained about the latest version of the”phony” blue endorsement card. As REDBROWARD previously reported, the card is the handiwork of the long-winded Democrat consultant Dan Lewis.  On Sunday, Broward Democrat officials denounced, “the deplorable campaign tactics of political operative Dan Lewis, Florida Democracy Project, and the attempt to mislead voters with […]

Dan Lewis & His Bag Of (Fake) Social Media Tricks?

The Sun-Sentinel reports Broward Democrat consultant Dan Lewis used stock photographs in Facebook posts for Broward Sheriff candidate James Fondo. The post, showing a diverse group of citizens, is meant to fool voters about Fondo’s appeal to Democrat voters. The Sun-Sentinel reported, “The shot… shows men and women of all skin shades. Someone commented ‘Love […]