Are Judge Nina Di Pietro & Kim Mollica Campaigns Working Together? Pictures and videos emailed to judicial candidates allege the campaigns of Judge Nina Weatherly Di Pietro and Kim Mollica are coordinating their efforts. If true, this would be a major violation of judicial canons. The picture and short video show a volunteer handing a Di Pietro palm card while wearing a “Kim Mollica” t-shirt. […]

Alcee Hastings Campaign Handing Out Kim Mollica Palm Cards Workers from the “Alcee Hastings Headquarters” tent at the Lauderhill Mall are handing out palm cards for Broward County Court Judge Kim Mollica. Sure, it’s odd that mega-Democrat Hastings is handing out a card for the Republican Mollica. Even worse, judicial campaigns are prohibited from working with partisan groups. The Hastings crew is handing […]

Epic Fail: Broward Judicial Candidate Kim Mollica’s Social Media Blunder

On the eve of early voting in Broward, County Court Judge candidate Kim Mollica is making a big advertising push on Facebook. Just one problem: her pricey ads link to a non-existent webpage. We heard she dumped her former consultant over bad buzz during the primary, so we can’t blame him. At least she’s not […]