Judge Nina Di Pietro Campaign Handing Out Partisan Political Party Voter Guides

Pen15 Club Founder Zack Spechler

Volunteers for the Judge Nina Weatherly Di Pietro campaign are passing out partisan voting guides to Broward voters. Witnesses spotted volunteers in the act at three different early voting locations. Florida Statute section 105 states a judicial candidate,”Shall not publicly represent or advertise herself…as a member of any political party.”

A Judge Nina volunteer in Wilton Manors gave this reporter a “Dolphin Democrats” palm card as well as campaign palm card. Even though the Dolphin Democrats endorsed Di Pietro’s opponent Ian Richards, the volunteer said both names were on card. The volunteer said Judge Nina Di Pietro is a Democrat. This is false. 

Published reports called Nina Di Pietro a “Republican darling” who was appointed to the bench by Florida Governor Rick Scott. Sources said Di Pietro supporters fought for her inclusion on the Broward Republican Party Voter Guide.

Like the Dolphin Democrats card, Judge Nina does not appear on the Broward Democrat Voter Guide. But this did not stop a Judge Nina volunteer from passing out the Democrat Guide at the Emma Lou Olson Center in Pompano Beach. This volunteer did not identify Di Pietro’s party.

Over the weekend, pictures surfaced online of controversial Young At Art (YAA) curator/Pen15 Club founder Zack Spechler in a Judge Nina t-shirt at the African American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale. It appears Spechler is holding palm cards or voter guides not belong to the Di Pietro campaign. Judge Nina’s husband, David Di Pietro, is the chairman of the YAA board of directors.

And yes, Judge Nina is responsible for the actions of her campaign volunteers and all volunteers must follow the judicial canons.

3 thoughts on “Judge Nina Di Pietro Campaign Handing Out Partisan Political Party Voter Guides

  1. Steve Scheiner

    Hehehe. I’m sure that lady is a “volunteer” and not paid staff anyway. She must just love her some Judge Nina!


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