Early Vote Totals Plummeted Across Broward

Early voting totals fell sharply following FBI Director James Comey’s announcement on Friday regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. According to unofficial numbers from the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Office, 29,001 early votes were cast on Friday, October 28th. On Friday afternoon, Comey announced the FBI was looking into new evidence in the email investigation.

This weekend was supposed to be a high water mark in the first week of early voting. Democratic operatives bragged turnout would increase thanks to local events including another whirlwind tour of Broward by Hillary Clinton. Instead, Early Vote numbers fell, hard.

Just 23,299 votes were cast on a dreary Saturday in South Florida. Numbers were worse on Sunday. SOE reports just 20,740 votes were recorded. A loss of nearly 10,000 votes from Friday.

Even more embarrassing, Hillary Clinton’s Sunday LGBT rally at a Wilton Manors nightclub translated to just 462 votes. By comparison, 1216 votes were cast on Monday in Wilton Manors.

On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton made her first visits to Broward’s historic African-American neighborhood along Sistrunk Boulevard, including stops at Mount Olive Church and Betty’s Soul Food restaurant. Clinton’s visit translated into 711 votes at the African-American Research Library. On Monday, 1252 votes were recorded at the same polling location.

Numbers were down across Broward except for the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs. This area is considered to be a Donald Trump stronghold. Numerous Trump supporters rally at the location every day. The library is a few blocks from Trump headquarters in Broward.


2 thoughts on “Early Vote Totals Plummeted Across Broward

  1. Joe Goldner

    Everyone needs to go out and vote for the next President of the United States Donald J Trump. It is time to drain the swamp of corruption in DC and the country. It is time to drain the swamp of corruption called the Clinton Machine! Go out and bring your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers and even strangers to the polls and vote for Donald J Trump for President.

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  2. southfloridacorruption

    Most Republicans don’t early vote. We vote by mail or in person. We’ll be mailing ours in the next couple of days. Wait till those numbers start coming in.

    I remember seeing this once before. A candidate they all said didn’t have a chance. That candidate won by a landslide then called it a mandate from the American people.
    His name was Ronald Reagan.

    I will be voting for two non Republicans, Ian Richards and Sheriff Scott Israel.
    I would urge other Republicans to do the same.
    Ian Richards because Di-Petro’s corrupt ass needs to go.

    The sheriff, that speaks for it’s self. Not only has he gotten a lot of bad guys of the street, he’s also gotten a lot of bad cops of the street too. A first for Broward.



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