Who Hired Private Eyes To Ambush Reporter At Broward Judicial Ceremony?

https://youtu.be/DHfYEOCwd2I Just an hour after REDBROWARD published our story on private investigators intimidating local politicians and reporters, two private eyes conducted an ambush interview of this reporter at the Broward Judicial Robing Ceremony in Fort Lauderdale. Nationally known bounty hunter William “Cobra” Staubs approached REDBROWARD under the guise of representing “a concerned citizens group.” A […]

Broward Dem Chair: “Disappointed” Fondo Campaign Still Passing Out “Fake” Card

Broward Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch is not happy about the “fake” Democrat blue card being handed out at polling places. Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed local bee enthusiast Dan Lewis was fined for his earlier version of this ploy to fool voters. Lewis mailed the card twice this month. On Twitter, Busch said she […]

“Black Judges Matter” Endorsement Cards Hit Broward Early Voting Sites

The “Black Judges Matter” endorsement card is the latest shady campaign ploy being used in Broward county. REDBROWARD obtained this card from a campaign surrogate at the West Regional Library in Plantation.  It’s full of misspelled names. And it has the slightest whiff of domestic salami. In other “fake” endorsement card news… REDBROWARD received reports […]