Who Hired Private Eyes To Ambush Reporter At Broward Judicial Ceremony?

Just an hour after REDBROWARD published our story on private investigators intimidating local politicians and reporters, two private eyes conducted an ambush interview of this reporter at the Broward Judicial Robing Ceremony in Fort Lauderdale. Nationally known bounty hunter William “Cobra” Staubs approached REDBROWARD under the guise of representing “a concerned citizens group.” A fellow private investigator was recording the conversation on a cellphone and video camera.

Several of Staubs’ questions mentioned local beekeeper and consultant Dan Lewis. Cobra asked if REDBROWARD had filed an “anonymous criminal complaint” against Lewis. Staubs referred To REDBROWARD as Lewis’ “competitor.”

Staubs refused to say who paid him to attend the event. He refused to identify the group of “concerned citizens.”

As REDBROWARD previously reported, this is just the latest example of private investigators being used to intimidate Broward politicians and reporters.

Hopefully, FDLE will get to the bottom of this mess.


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