Broward School Superintendent Was Not THE Problem

  You may have heard this is Broward School Superintendent Jim Notter’s last day on the job.  You may hear about  “turning the corner”, “things changing”, and “new blood”.  Don’t be fooled. It’s all baloney. Jim Notter was not the problem at K.C. Wright (School Board HQ). Like plenty of other folks in Broward, Notter […]

Bob Norman: (Bad) Business As Usual At Broward County School Board

“If you wondered if the Broward County School Board has changed at all, today gave some stunning evidence that, uh, no, it hasn’t. The school board, slammed as inept and corrupt by the statewide grand jury and under state scrutiny, named Donnie Carter as the interim superintendent to replace outgoing Jim Notter. Carter is a […]

Is A Racial Epithet-Spewing Broward School Board Member On The Way Out???

Rumors swirling that a certain Broward School Board Member may be leaving well before his or her term is up. Stay tuned…