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WATCH: Broward Commissioner Hazelle Rogers Refuses To Answer Questions About Hiring Marlon Bolton

Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers introduced herself to her constituents at Wednesday’s Plantation Council meeting at City Hall. The newly-elected Rogers even introduced her staff that accompanied her. But Hazelle Rogers did not want to discuss her newest staffer, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Rogers wanted to add Bolton to her growing staff in District 9. All staffers’ paychecks are funded by Broward taxpayers. Bolton already collects a hefty paycheck courtesy of Tamarac taxpayers.

Rogers refused to answer why she wanted to hire Bolton. She did not answer questions regarding Bolton’s role in her County Commission campaign. Rogers was silent when asked about the mysterious Delaware company known as “Purple Bird Communications.” Last year, REDBROWARD exposed how the Rogers campaign have tens of thousands of dollars to this mystery company.

Sources: Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers Wants To Hire Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton As Her Aide

Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers wants to hire controversial Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton as her top aide, multiple sources tell REDBROWARD. Rogers won her District 9 race with help from Bolton. Last summer, REDBROWARD spotted Bolton delivering Rogers campaign workers and signs in a Plantation neighborhood. Rogers refused to answer questions regarding Bolton’s role in her campaign.

Even though he is paid to serve on the Tamarac Commission, one source claims Bolton has been seeking a government job for some time. Commission aide is a well-paid position with good benefits. One of its unofficial benefits is serving as a “gatekeeper”—the main contact with local businessmen and women, corporate leaders, developers and lobbyists.

Would these activities as a Commission aide create a conflict for Marlon Bolton as a Tamarac Commissioner? A purple bird tells us Rogers is seeking advice on whether or not she can hire an elected official.

As documented by REDBROWARD, Bolton wears many hats: Commissioner, Preacher, Political Consultant, Tamarac Post Writer. Will Tamarac voters care if he takes on another side gig?