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Marlon Bolton Forced To Resign County Job After State Law Not Followed In Hiring Process

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton was forced to resign his brand new position as a County Commission aide after officials determined State Law was violated, the Sun-Sentinel reports. In late January, REDBROWARD broke the news that Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers was hiring Bolton, a longtime ally. Ten days later, Rogers hired Bolton as her Chief of Communications with an $80,000 salary.

On Thursday, the Sun-Sentinel reported Bolton resigned his position after County officials learned the position had not been advertised to the public.

“Florida law addressing ‘dual public employment,’ allows elected officials to have government jobs at the same time — but there are rules attached. The state law requires that an elected official has been subject to the same application and hiring process as other candidates, and that ‘the position was publicly advertised.’”

“County Attorney Andrew Meyers said, ‘Commissioner Rogers properly vetted this issue in advance, including directly with me. I advised that there is no legal prohibition on a municipal elected official being hired as a County employee. While that answer is accurate, it did not completely address the issue,’ he said. Inadvertently, ‘the process overlooked a requirement that the position be publicly posted before a hiring decision is made. Steps are being taken to promptly address the situation, and the position will be filled consistent with the required process.’”

Team Purple Bird?

WATCH: Broward Commissioner Hazelle Rogers Refuses To Answer Questions About Hiring Marlon Bolton

Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers introduced herself to her constituents at Wednesday’s Plantation Council meeting at City Hall. The newly-elected Rogers even introduced her staff that accompanied her. But Hazelle Rogers did not want to discuss her newest staffer, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Rogers wanted to add Bolton to her growing staff in District 9. All staffers’ paychecks are funded by Broward taxpayers. Bolton already collects a hefty paycheck courtesy of Tamarac taxpayers.

Rogers refused to answer why she wanted to hire Bolton. She did not answer questions regarding Bolton’s role in her County Commission campaign. Rogers was silent when asked about the mysterious Delaware company known as “Purple Bird Communications.” Last year, REDBROWARD exposed how the Rogers campaign have tens of thousands of dollars to this mystery company.