Mayor Media Meltdown? Trantalis Goes After Resident After Two New Fort Lauderdale Breaks

On Monday evening, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis took to Facebook to share news of two new sewer line breaks in the city. The latest breaks are located in the Victoria Park and Coral Ridge neighborhoods. These latest breaks are further examples of a cascading failure of Fort Lauderdale’s aging infrastructure. Residents throughout eastern Fort […]

Twas The Week Before Turdmas, a Rio Vista Holiday Poem

Twas The Week Before Turdmas, a Rio Vista holiday poem by John McCrory Twas the week before Christmas, all through the Rio Vista hood, Not a neighbor was walking around, who would?!; The lawns were all littered with diarrhea and turds, As Tarpon River filled up with dead fish, crabs, and birds; The children were […]

Something Stinks In Fort Lauderdale

Something stinks in Fort Lauderdale, but this it’s more than corruption and crony capitalism. There’s actual poop floating in the streets and canals of the Rio Vista neighborhood. Call our live show tonight to have your say about the smelly mess in Fort Lauderdale. (515) 605-9852 The fun starts at 7:30pm To listen, click link […]